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Green Garden in the Interior – 10 Amazing Examples


The plants give the apartment a cheerful and at the same time harmonious atmosphere and therefore we will now show you how to furnish a magnificent garden in the interior.

We live in a concrete world. Urbanization is spreading at the speed of light, the highways are overloaded with traffic and the green spaces in the city are becoming less and less.

This tendency is pretty scary, but you can at least take the things that are going on in your own home.

Invite nature into your home and create a beautiful oasis with the help of vertical gardens, “living” walls and various floral decorations.

We offer you some charming examples of indoor greenery that will inspire you to create an interior garden. These amazing features can be found in America and Europe. But if you look at the pictures, you will be seized by an inner harmony and balance. Imagine how you will feel when you create this intoxicating atmosphere in your home or workplace. The green garden in the apartment will change your perceptions of the world because you will be overwhelmed by the calm and peaceful feeling that the plants radiate! You can opt for different plants. Green grass, extravagant flowers, shrubs or even trees – it all depends on your preferences and the size of your home. Choose the appropriate plant species for your landscaping and design a fairy-tale interior!

Vertical garden in the conference room invigorates the atmosphere in HypoVereinsbank Munich

Magnificent garden in the luxurious house with extravagant plant species and a beautiful pond by Zorro Design

Lively diorama for a minimalist-style interior by Paula Haynes

Small garden in the interior in combination with the matching carpet by Angela Adams

 Fairytale ambience in the house, created by Zorro Design

 Vibrant wall in the apartment of indoor landscaping

 Stunning garden with pond in a large building of Plantscape Inc

 Small garden in the interior in the Japanese style by Cathryn Barmon

 Vibrant wall with green and red plants by Hoffman Design Group

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