Green house plants and medicinal herbs that positively influence our sleep

It is still debatable whether plants should be allowed to stand in the same room where they sleep. To ensure that sleep is gentle and adequate, you need fresh bedding and a well-ventilated room. There are green houseplants and medicinal herbs that do not disturb sleep and even provide a complete rest. Today we would like to deal with these plant varieties and leave a springtime trail at the beginning of the new season.

You may already have these potted plants on your balcony or in the stairwell and have not been aware of their effects so far. Anyone who has the plants at home just needs to change their place and who can not – get them at the weekend in the hardware store.

In general, the rule that in the bedroom neither plants, nor electronic devices have something to look for. If you suffer from restlessness and stress and you can not afford to dump the equipment elsewhere, the plants listed below will come into play.

Many green houseplants can improve our lives and we’ll tell you how

Real plants enrich the indoor climate immensely

Plants such as bow hemp, ivy or aloe vera purify the indoor air in a natural way and thus improve our quality of life

With lavender in the bedroom, you better get to rest and sleep deeper and more restful


You may already have read about the properties of lavender on our website. The pure natural essential oil contained in the flowers gently lowers the blood pressure and calms the heartbeat. It also affects the scent of lavender on our circulation and reduces stress in the body. So find room for a small pot of lavender in the bedroom and check the effect itself.


In general, the delicate flowers of jasmine with their wonderful scent can drive cloudy thoughts. Although the effect the jasmine fragrance rather than being described as invigorating, one still notes that the fragrance has calming effects on the breath and the heart. According to many studies, sleep should become much deeper and more restful when the air is filled with jasmine fragrance.

Jasmine dispels cloudy thoughts and gives rest


Although one rosemary Known more from the kitchen and most commonly used as a spice, the fragrant plant has much more qualities. The scent of essential oils strengthens the nervous system and demands concentration. So you can fall asleep with clear and well-cleaned thoughts much better and faster.


This plant is really perfect for your bedroom. Not only does it look good, it also filters the air and produces fresh oxygen all night long.

Attention! Expose the plant if you have asthma.


The green lily seems to be the miracle plant as long as it is a closed space. NASA reports that the green lily can detoxify and purify up to 90% of the room air. There are no additional filters or other kind of help needed.


With the ivy you have at the same time a natural greening in the room and an air purifier. The plant is easy to clean, but also very toxic. Keep toddlers and pets away from where you hold the flowerpot with the ivy.

Aloe vera

The plant is more associated with natural cosmetics and beauty products, but what do you think about beauty sleep? The fleshy leaves of aloe vera capture the harmful substances in the air and give us a better and more restful sleep.


You never thought that your favorite indoor plant could have a positive effect on the quality of your sleep? Put the flower pots in the bedroom and then form your opinion.


Have you dreamed of a long and restful sleep? Then try the natural remedies that are available in everyday life. It has been scientifically proven that the effect of a valerian plant in the bedroom becomes immediately noticeable.

Learn more about the indoor plants in your home and surround yourself with those that can increase your quality of life.

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