Green roof garden house – Exterior in green

Green roof garden house

We already have several articles on fresh ideas on the topic ” Green roof garden house Written. Furthermore, there are so many other sources from which one can draw inspiration for their design.

So it is probably superfluous, d s Benefit for our everyday life and d ie long-term sustainable development these r Explain constructions.

If it is a modern one . big house, you can hardly imagine, even set up a green ceiling. There are far too many mistakes that one unprofessional can make.

But if you have a garden house, you could certainly create a green roof. It works in six easy steps, which we will gladly explain to you today.

Determine the degree of inclination of your garden shed

When talking about an unprofessional design, the corner should be more than 2 and less than 10 degrees. But if you have built the garden house yourself, you usually know these dimensions.

Make sure the garden house can withstand the weight of the green roof

The simple green roofs weigh between 60 and 150 kilograms per square meter. If you are not sure that your garden shed will endure, you should consult with a specialist, at least in this regard.

Do not forget that too amounts Snow and water to involve , d ie fall in between there as well ,

If the load is dangerously large, consider supporting it with other wooden structures.

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Step 1 for green roof garden house – Determine the layers of the green roof

Waterproof membranes, flooring and vegetation are the main layers of the construction.

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Step 2- Removing the waterproof membrane

Almost all green roofs have one. Ideally, it should also be such that it can not be broken by the roots of the plant. This should then cover the entire area for the first time.

It would be ideal to discover ponds that are one millimeter thin and can be found in the garden shops.

These are attached to the ceiling by conventional sealant. Tip: Note the places that you must evl open afterwards.

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Step 3 drainage holes

The excess water must be able to flow out of the ceiling ß s. So you have the waterproof membrane in the places open where the openings of the channels are, so that the water can flow from them.

This moment is fundamental to the existence of the ceiling and the entire house under this. So you have to clean regularly to make sure they are free.

Green roof

Step 4 Create a substrate

The depth of the substrate also determines the type of plants that will be planted there .In the most n cases are the between 7 and 20 centimeters. The substrate must be very light and not contain much nutrients.

You better not do the usual Bodene rde For Use gardens because it gets too heavy when it’s wet.

It is best to use 70-80n% artificial material use such as gravel and the rest – natural material, such as compost.

“Green roof garden house” will give you fun and pleasure and give your family more relaxation and relaxation.

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