Hanging baskets – practical tips for designing your patio

Gorgeous hanging baskets for your porch

In this second article on beautiful hanging hanging baskets, we want to continue with our practical tips and share with you new useful ideas. Stay tuned, because it’s definitely worth it!

Bees and butterflies will like the flowers and make your moments on the veranda perfect

Notes on planting

Be sure to always combine those plants that have the same requirements for sunlight and water for the best possible growth. You would never plant the always thirsty balsam together with a drought tolerant cactus, right? Although these two species really represent the extremes, it is true that every plant has its own preferences for light and water. So be prepared to plan the design of your hanging baskets accordingly.

When a lot of imagination is at work, the craziest herbal gardens can emerge

Some experts advise that you should use high-quality potting soil when setting the traffic lights, while others recommend the soil for outdoor cultivation. However, never take soil directly from your garden beds, as this type of soil in a container will never come to proper drying out.

Not all, but many varieties of plants can be combined

To achieve a casual, country-style look, try mixing a variety of flowers and green leaves at the same traffic light. But if you choose a more elegant and modern aesthetic composition, you may think of just one plant per container. A number of similar, harmonious flowers or plants will look much more coherent than a mix. But it is true, the charm of the hanging flowers is irresistible! The flower baskets look so lovely with their varied, lush hanging plants and flower tendrils! So they give your porch or terrace an unforgettable look!

Pompous or modest flower baskets express every taste

Layout. There are a few different ways in which you can fake a designer’s touch when putting together your own hanging baskets. One of the options is to choose a single plant genus, for example purple petunia or asparagus fern that you plant in large quantities in each of the baskets. The consistent color and the homogeneous planting concept will produce a powerful effect from afar and appear more stylish and contemporary than many mixed schemes and variants.

Petunias and flower cress are classic examples of flowerpot plants

However, if you prefer the splendor of flowers, here is the simple rule of thumb: choose an upright growing plant in cheerful color, which has already formed some flowers (e. G , a red geranium ), then add several hanging plants (such as lobelia ) to take off from the rugged hardness of the traffic light edge and give your arrangement the finishing touch creepers and cascading leaves (such as. Ivy or sweet potato vine). The different heights, growth patterns and colors will form an imposing plant network, which fascinates and captivates the beholder.

Hanging baskets can be a great pleasure for our senses

Now we come to the practical part: we want to give you a few tips on how to find the best position for your hampi (s). We also have some advice on hanging the hanging baskets for you.

You can also choose such hanging models individually

Where is the perfect place to hang a hanging lamp?

The edges of your veranda would be very appropriate, as well as fence posts, terrace edges and courtyard roofing. Avoid placing your hanging baskets where someone can run against them, especially in the middle of the ceiling or entrances. Remember to always attach the traffic lights to beams or pillars that can withstand their weight. In order to make the overall appearance both uniform and tidy, as well as flaunting the architectural merits of your home in a charming way, it would be more appropriate to spread the hanging baskets evenly along your porch rather than hanging them here and there at will.

As you can see, some hoppers are a direct part of the museum

Hanging itself.

Hooks and clamps for hanging hanging baskets are available in all hardware stores or home improvement stores. When shopping, you need to be sure that you have correctly assessed the weight of your hanging baskets and make the best business case. Most mid-size traffic lights will certainly weigh no more than four and a quarter pounds, but it’s always safer to use such technical aids and devices that can carry a bit more than the actual weight of your hanging pots. For those plant vessels that would hang from the top edge of the porch, hooks are the appropriate solution. For the containers that you intend to attach to vertical structures such as fences and walls, brackets are much better.

Such a rich palette of colors and ideas …. Bravely use all summer months and feel the joy!

Useful tips:

• Before you mount the screws of your hooks or clamps, get yourself a drill, if you need them, it would be good to have them handy. This guarantees the tightness of the screws, which is very important for safety.

ready, ready..and the summer season can begin!

• Afterwards, press the threaded end of the screw into the test hole by turning clockwise until the screw is tightened and the hook is flush with the ceiling.

Strawberries are very easy to care for and should be on your veranda

The procedure for installing brackets is basically the same, except that you need to tighten the screws with the drill or screwdriver at the designated locations for reinforcement a little.

The hard work will pay off!

We sincerely hope that our tips and practical tips have inspired you to put some hanging baskets on your patio or veranda. Decorate your outdoor area with it and enjoy your summer time outdoors!

The flower centers offer enough to unfold the true splendor of your porch

Here you can see a practical and original addition to the flower basket

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