Healing power of nature: 9 potted plants replace the medicine chest

We are convinced every day of the healing power of nature! Sometimes the medicine we need is much closer than we can imagine, in the pot on the windowsill. Find out today which are the 9 plants that the medicine chest can replace.

Aloe vera for garden and soul

Healing power of nature: aloe vera

Aloe vera is not only an easy-care plant, but a preferred ingredient for natural cosmetics and medicine. The Aloe vera Gel relieves irritation, redness and rashes. It is also recommended for sunburn.


The aromatic spice is an irreplaceable ingredient in the kitchen but also in the medicine cabinet.

The basil is used for high fever, cough, abdominal pain, nausea and constipation. It also stimulates the immune system.

Combat non-appetite with the healing power of nature


The dandelion is a proven remedy for flatulence and a swollen stomach. It also regulates the intestinal function and helps with loss of appetite.


The small flowers of chamomile fill the gardens with their beauty and tenderness. In addition, they are even more valuable for natural medicine. Camomile heals the nervous system. This herb helps against stress, insomnia, tension and fatigue.

A versatile plant

Healing power of nature: lemongrass

Lemongrass is one of the most practical plants ever. It sells mosquitoes in the summer, can be used as a spice in the kitchen, serves as a remedy for headache and abdominal pain and relieves insect bites.


The majority of us associate parsley with their universal use in various dishes. But few know that it can also be used to treat urinary tract disease. The parsley is especially helpful for the kidneys and therefore it is recommended for people who are prone to cystitis and kidney stones.

Cure headache with mint


As a spice, mint is an interesting addition to some desserts. It is easy to clean and undemanding and its fragrant leaves keep mosquitoes away in summer. As a natural remedy, mint helps with respiratory problems, headaches, migraines, stress and tension.


A bouquet of orange flowers in the pot or as a main ingredient for various homemade ointments – this is the marigold. This is used for burn wounds and bruises and has an antiseptic effect.

Grow frankincense as a potted plant

incense plant

Unlike other spices suitable for the pot, the frankincense plant seems to be somewhat neglected. Actually, it has an important role as a remedy for cough, asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

Convince yourself of the healing power of nature and enrich your kitchen and medicine cabinet with these great and easy-care plants.

Sage as a potted plant and breed cures

Care for your skin with marigold ointments

Replace the medication with natural products

The basil lowers high fever

A refreshing drink with marigolds

The parsley is especially helpful for the kidneys

Camomile heals the nervous system

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