House plants that need little light

Indoor plants, which need little light, provide a lot of mood in the winter season

Many people have made some attempts to house houseplants at home and then gave it up very quickly. Why is that and how can you avoid this?

We want to go into a specific reason and discuss how to avoid it.

Some indoor plants that need little light

Yes, many people choose plants that need a lot of light. So you have not checked exactly whether the conditions at home also meet the needs of this species. There are enough plant species that look beautiful and really need little light. We have made a small selection of these for you today. We hope you will enjoy them and motivate them to do more.

Here are some of its other benefits as well: They thrive well in dry air and can survive in the event of large temperature changes. Even if you forget to water them, these indoor plants will survive.

Do you want to know which ones we mean by “this one”? Here are 10 species of indoor plants that need little light!

Great house plants that need little light

Nephrolepis exaltata (sword ferns)

This houseplant shows no flowers. For this you can enrich the interior ambience with its elegant thin leaves, which cover the filigree branches of the flower.

Anthurium andraeanum

Do you want to have elegant, slightly subtle blush at home for the fall-winter season? Here we have something suitable for you. Even at Christmas you could wonderful decorate it.

Tradescantia fluminensis

Do you want to enrich your minimalist or gaudy interior design with a great plant? This plant here could be just the thing for you.


Broad leaves, which could cover large areas and spice up gloomy corners, offer this kind of houseplants. She seems familiar to you, right? Surely you owe this to their easy-care character …

Ficus benjamina

Do you fancy a plant that needs little light and also provides a beautiful sculptural appearance. May it have some beautiful white flowering branches? No, that’s not too much! Do not worry! Because Ficus benjamina will fulfill all these conditions successfully.

The houseplants that we represent on this subject

Two-colored foliage

Traditional potted plant

Other plant species

 Elegant solution for every home

Chinese plant species

Set of three potted plants

Fresh from nature at home

Exotic decoration

Hanging plant – Fern

Elegant coziness

High up s

The great air plant

Freshness and moisture

Flowerpot on a stand

Easy to maintain

Mediterranean plant species

Suitable for the table decoration

 Green, thick foliage

Plant species that are easy to care for

The white flowers bring freshness

Fern herb in flowerpot

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