Houseplants easy to clean and suitable for beginners – 40 pictures

Indoor plants that are easy to care for and at the same time beautiful

Most of us love the green and want as much as possible of it. But the selected houseplants should be as easy as possible. Because they have such a wonderful effect and do not make our everyday life unnecessarily difficult.

Houseplants easy to care for and suitable for vertical gardens

Herb garden on the balcony

Shelf with hanging houseplants

The vertical gardens were created especially in connection with narrow living spaces. They are a great solution for small apartments, and those that have no garden. You can make such projects elaborate. If one decides nevertheless for indoor plants, which are easy to care for, this makes also the insertion of rather less complicated constructions possible.

What you should especially consider here is whether the selected plants grow more easily in the sun or in the shade. Ask yourself before installation, which would be more appropriate at the selected location.

How green may your conservatory be?

This question may seem a bit odd to some of you … In the beginning … But houseplants have a decorative value. They have to register very well with their colors, shapes and all external characteristics in the overall ambience. That’s why you should think carefully about whether you would rather have a lush or economical green.

For both variants there are sufficient possibilities, i. Indoor plants that are easy to maintain and suitable for the particular case.

Maybe you want to put the garden in the middle of the design concept. Then the rest of the equipment has to turn around this.

Which species actually fall into the category “Houseplants easy care”

We’ve already posted many posts on what to do with easy-to-clean houseplants at home. But what criteria are you looking for in everyday life? Here are some tips on how to differentiate them.

Easy-care indoor plants

We want to explain this with a great example. Dracaena deremensis is a great example of this. Here you just have to take out some branches. If you use them in a vase of water, it will take years without you having to do anything special. You can move this houseplant also easily and in many different places. The plants have different kinds, which differ above all after their sculptural appearance. They are all just as easy to care for. Only the prices vary.

Indoor plants that are so easy to care for, there are many. You only have to choose the right one for your budget and taste! Have fun!

Zimmerfarne – bob head


Bright dining room decorated with lush indoor plants

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, Lucky Feather

Lucky Feather can tolerate a lot of dryness

The money tree has a fleshy foliage

Also as a hanging plant

Robust succulents as hanging baskets

Gorgeous window leaf

The palm-like dragon tree

Aloe vera

The Aloe Vera is not only easy to clean, it is still a medicinal plant

Blossoming christmas cactus

Flamingo flower at the window

The easy-care cobbler’s palm

Succulents in black and white painted ceramic pots

Easy-care room palm species

dragon tree

The Kentia palm needs very little light

Rhapis Excelsa – the Lady Palm

Do you also have a herb garden at home?

Feng Shui Indoor Plants – Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo palm – also an easy-to-maintain room palm

Bow hemp as natural green decoration in the corridor

Peace lily or still called single leaf


Succulents and cactuses in the living room

Onion flower with red flowers as a houseplant

Climbers – Ivy Tute

Decorative vertical garden in the apartment

Living room plants that need little light

Flowering houseplants in red-orange

Gorgeous houseplant with yellow flowers

A wooden shelf that was built especially for indoor plants

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