Indoor plants pictures – cozy decoration ideas with potted plants

A few more houseplants pictures and great comments

We have become accustomed to talking to you, our readers, above all about pictures. To make the whole thing more structured and understandable, we combine the various photos into categories and topics.

But some such beautiful pictures are not registered there … We want to show you exactly these houseplants pictures necessarily.

That’s why we decided to write this article today. Here are the houseplants pictures, which we have specially selected for you.

Great houseplants pictures with fruits and vegetables

If you see these houseplants pictures, you will immediately smile. That’s exactly the effect you want to achieve with it. We do not fool ourselves with this: you certainly can not use them effectively in the home.

How much can you harvest? 10 lemons, 40 tomatoes … After all, that’s a win. But the biggest advantage is certainly her beautiful look. Especially at Christmas, the bright colors of citrus fruits could bring just the right mood into the house.

Here are some important tips: They should be placed in sunny places. Otherwise, their growth will be disturbed. Furthermore, you should be aware that the vase can largely limit the growth of plants. You should have the willingness to transform the plant into a larger vessel.

Lemon tree as a houseplant

Can bananas also thrive at home?

Spitz peppers in their own garden

The green is something that you need in all seasons. But in winter we have too little of it outside. Winter gardens are certainly very popular for this reason. Indoor plants pictures with such enjoy live and easy our eyes over PC!

We have put together some great indoor plants pictures for you, which present the wonderful effect of this on the ambience.

Now enjoy our pictures and then we have some important tips for you.

Indoor plants in conservatories

Which Indoor palm Types do you know?

Vertical garden

Balcony plants in summer

Everyone would like to see such houseplants pictures at home. To get the best effect, place them in places that need to be revitalized. Furthermore, you could contribute to more peace and relaxation with it. So consider spicing up from a workspace. However, you should analyze exactly the conditions that you have in the relevant areas. Accordingly, you should also choose the appropriate houseplants. Our pictures could serve you as a source of inspiration.


Flowering houseplants set color accents at home

Small fig tree as a potted plant

Delicious window leaf

What a dining room table – especially designed for indoor plants

Potted plant in the bathroom

The window leaf thrives well in a bright location

Room tree as a green decoration

The beautiful female orchid as a wall decoration

Flower stand with succulents as original decoration

The money tree brings happiness to the house

The lucky thaler too

Bow hemp and aloe vera

Easy-care indoor plants

The succulents need little light and care

Aloe vera is also a kind of succulents

House green plants in the living room

Hedge in the bucket

Which are your favorite pot plants? – Check the most popular indoor plants Germany

Feng Shui plants for more harmony at home

Create herb garden in the kitchen

Large houseplant in a rattan pot

Choose beautiful flowerpots

Decorate your white walls

A begonia species with colorful foliage

What is written on your wall shelves?

Room-high rubber tree

Protect your trees in the winter from freezing

Large houseplants in the entrance area

Also in summer as a balcony plant

Maiden ferns are easy to care for and need little light

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