Indoor plants species – Pictures of the most popular potted plants

Unique houseplants species that will fill your home with great aromas

Lavender, jasmine, other aromatic flowers are indoor plants that you can cultivate at home. That’s certainly not easy. But if you have housed these houseplant species well, they will spoil you with wonderful aromas.

The houseplant jasmine

Flowering houseplants

The natural beauty of the lavender potted plant

Rustic interior design ideas with indoor plants

Ask the expert for the different houseplant species correctly

Say exactly what you want when you buy new indoor plants. Mostly, the professionals can help you. Do not just say which houseplant species you are looking for. Describe the effect that you want to achieve with it. Also say more about the conditions under which you will take care of the plants.

If you do so, the professional will have the opportunity to suggest to you, among other things, wonderful alternatives. This can be very helpful in many cases.

Indoor plants species that produce great sounds

Bambusa gracilis is a very small species of bamboo. She produces, like all her relatives, great sounds that arise as a result of the air movement. Bambusa gracilis is very small compared to other varieties. It can therefore be maintained, among other things, under domestic conditions, such as in the winter garden.

Edible houseplants species and those that are suitable for cooking

Herb garden in your own kitchen



Keep herbs and spices close at hand

Consider some great vases that use plants that could be used in the kitchen. Think about spices and other flavoring species. The most practical would be to place them in a corner. You can distribute them, if you also spice up other areas with it. Of course, keep them within reach so that they are of practical use.

Decorative fruit trees

Citrus trees at home

lemon Tree

There are many different tree species that can be accommodated at home. These types of indoor plants look great and it’s just fun to take a mature fruit from your own production while cooking. It really suffices that the guests believe this so that the dinners organized by you are unique. Is it true?

money tree

Fortunately spring

Delicious window leaf

Flowering Houseplants – lance rosette



dragon tree


Flaming Katie


Ivy Tute


Aloe vera

Decorated with stones

room ferns


Most popular houseplants types

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