Indoor plants that bring good luck

7 lucky houseplants

Did you know that there are plants that bring happiness to the house? Yes, they really exist! In today’s article, we want to introduce you to 7 of the lucky houseplants. With these you can not only enrich your home, but also create a great gift for your friends or new neighbors.

Bamboo Tree of Happiness (Dracaena braunii)

Actually, this plant has little to do with the bamboo. She is from the Dracaenas family. This is a very easy to maintain houseplant. It is only important how many bamboo stems you will breed (or give away), because the number of stems have different message. For example, the 3 bamboo stalks attract luck and money, 5 are for wealth, 7 for health, 8 for prosperity and 10 for well-being. But the pot has the strongest effect with 21 bamboo stems. These bring success in all areas of life.

The money tree ( Crassula ovata )

Usually this houseplant is given away at a new start of business or a new phase of life, because it is believed that the plant helps one. The money tree is considered a lucky plant because of its small roundish leaves. According to Feng Shui, such plants bring positive energy into the home. You should only provide sufficient light and the plant will grow healthy.

Bow hemp ( Sansevieria )

In the west, the bow hemp is also known as “the mother-in-law’s plant” or “mother-in-law’s tongue” because of the leaf form. Bow hemp is also one of the plants that bring good luck. He takes care of the health of his owner, as the houseplant absorbs the toxins from the air. Important for the care of the plant is not to pour the Boganhanf often.


This plant can also be grown at home. But it is recommended to put the jasmine outdoors. The jasmine has a strong aroma that attracts love. It is believed that its fragrance has an aphrodisiac effect and attracts the opposite sex. This plant is given to singles so they can find their partner.

The lucky chestnut ( Pachira aquatica )

The lucky chestnut is known as a plant of money. They recognize the plant by the intertwined rods, which end with a dense crown of green leaves. Look for a lucky chestnut with three or even better with five bars, otherwise it will bring you no luck. Sprinkle the leaves with water, but protect the bars.

The orchid

The orchid is not only beautiful, it will bring you a personal happiness. It is believed that the flowers embody and attract love. In the past, orchids were given to young families in some countries. With this, one wished the young couple a large and large family. Some people believe that this plant strengthens the friendship.

The Rose

The small, decorative roses will look very coquettish in your house. They will provide a positive energy. They are given away with the desire for love, health and happiness. The color of the rose also has its message. The white-colored rose purifies the house of negative thoughts. The peach-colored is a symbol of friendship and ensures harmony. The pink rose – a happy house and romantic experiences and the red rose is of course for love.

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