Indoor plants that have a good effect on the house and the senses …

Wonderful house plants that purify the air and bring other healthy benefits

Do not think about the plants like something that has to stay away from your home. They are not just part of the garden. The house is not only their refuge in winter. On the contrary, even in the warm season, there are many benefits to having plenty of house plants in your interior. Because these have a decorative value and can improve your health.

We now show you some great house plants. They have three main features in common: they have the ability to purify the air at home; They serve as a great decoration; They are super easy to clean, so they can hardly be killed.

House plants that clean the room air

Most home plants have the ability to purify the air at home. Some people do better than others. Among the best in this regard are the following types:

  • Spider plant,
  • Aloe vera,
  • Sansevieria,
  • chrysanthemums

All of these plants have the ability to quickly absorb odors from cooking or unpleasant scents as well as cigarette smoke.

Furthermore, they can improve the humidity, which is very important in overcoming and preventing respiratory problems.

All house plants reduce the stress

Do you feel stressed at home or in the office? House plants near your work table can make a lot of good. These can reduce or at least reduce the stress. All kinds of potted plants can achieve this effect.

House plants for a healthy kitchen

There are a number of healthy herbs that will grow well in your kitchen. In small flower pots they are great decoration and can be used in cooking. They are usually in close proximity and you can quickly access them when shopping is short.

In addition to the well-known aromatic herbs, you can also plant the following products:

  • Tomatoes,
  • Avocado,
  • carrots,
  • Lemons,

If you care for these varieties properly, you will have fresh fruit and vegetables at hand.

Sleep better with well-chosen house plants

Do you have sleep problems? There are some varieties that will guarantee you better sleep. These are the following plants:

  • Jasmine,
  • Aloe vera,
  • Lavender,
  • Guard Nine

They are all very suitable for the bedroom.

What helps with colds?

In winter and in summer we can catch a cold. This has something to do with the temperature fluctuations. The house plants can lead to faster healing. Especially good in this regard is the eucalyptus. But basically, the presence of houseplants is good for catching colds because they purify the air and make it moister.

The Aloe Vera provides fresher air in your home

An avocado tree as a house plant

Plants have a decorative value and can also improve your health

The bow hemp is also a fitting houseplant according to the Feng Shui rules

The chrysanthemums absorb different odors faster

A boisterous atmosphere and relaxation oasis in the living room

The lemon has great colors and a practical use

The lavender helps with sleep disorders

The aerial plants attract every look on themselves

In addition to the well-known aromatic herbs, you can also plant carrots

Indoor plants can reduce or at least reduce stress

The green lily also has an air purifying property

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