Indoor plants that need little light

Selecting flowering potted plants for the home garden

The light is vital to the plants and some species need more light than others. Each home offers different conditions for plant growth, so choose those indoor plants that need little light and are best grown in your home.

Most flowering plants like more light than those that do not bloom. Most plants with fleshy foliage prefer low light, such as the cacti. Some plants grow according to the amount of light.

Indoor plants that need little light – sunlight

To accurately determine the light intensity in your home, change the locations of your potted plants to see the shade. The strong light signifies the dense shadow. Normally, the windows with views to the south are always brighter. The windows to the east and west do not provide so much light. These north are the darkest. The objects and the furniture in the room also have an influence on the amount of light. The houseplants on the windowsill get more light than the others in the same room.

After the plants you can determine if they get enough light or not. Weak stems, yellow and falling leaves are the characteristics here.

Beautiful, bright flowers

Some plant species that like strong light:

Aloe, asparagus, bougainvillea, lilies, carnations, crocus, freesia, hyacinth, daisies, passionflower, tulip, gardenia, palmtree, wild rose


Many houseplants thrive under artificial light. The most effective and cheapest light source are the fluorescent lamps. Without light, the plants can not bloom at all. These species, which grow because of their decorative foliage, need more light. Use more powerful bulbs to increase light intensity. Be careful and careful, as the lamps emit heat.

Potted garden flowers

Snow-white flowers

Usual, but refreshing plant species

Placed on the windowsill

 Like a bell

Plant container made of rattan

Orange and red flowers just look fairy-tale like

Violet colors and fleshy leaves

Affectionate and cute – a gift of nature

The most popular potted plants

Dark purple flowers

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