Jasmine houseplant – a green eye-catcher at home

The plant fans will be particularly happy about our contribution today! Because today we want to give you a beautiful houseplant Imagine that simply enchants! The weather outside is already spring-like and this atmosphere could be brought home by the beauty of the green eye-catcher! It’s all about the jasmine: A flower that has a feminine charm, romantic charisma and … a wonderful fragrance! But since most jasmine species are not hardy in our geographical latitudes, you can enjoy the beauty of this plant mainly in pots. If you want to expand your collection of plants through a jasmine houseplant, then read the article to the end! You will certainly find inspiration for your home decor and also learn something important for this natural beauty!

Jasmine is an elegant and charming plant

Worth knowing about the jasmine

The jasmine (jasmine) is a large genus with over 200 species. Some are upright shrubs, other climbing plants. Their typical wax area is the tropics and the subtropics. Depending on the species, the jasmine can grow between half and five meters! The flowers of jasmine are colored in white and yellow, only a few species are pink.

The winter jasmine flowers from December to April, and the real jasmine is the flowering season from May to August.

Several jasmine side by side are a wonderful room decoration

The jasmine charms with its gentle and soothing fragrance. That’s one of the most popular flavors ever. The strongest floral scent has the Arabian jasmine. For this reason, the fragrant jasmine oil is won by him and from the Chinese tea jasmine comes the flavoring jasmine in Chinese tea.

Important care tips for the jasmine indoor plant

Spring is already here and a few fresh houseplants will undoubtedly help us prepare for the spring and adapt to the new season more quickly. Because these inevitably prepare small and large lots of joy! So the jasmine in flowerpot is a wonderful eye-catcher, which fully deserves your attention! It’s not hard to take care of the jasmine. But you should pay attention to some things. You want to enjoy it for a long time, right?

  • In terms of location, Jasmine prefer a bright spot with enough sunlight. This should also be well ventilated, otherwise the plant could be attacked by pests. Be careful: Houseplants in a warm place with poor ventilation may have leafy or woolly lice in winter.
  • Provide the jasmine regularly with water and nutrients. It is best to use low-caliber rainwater. Avoid waterlogging in any case!
  • Every one to two weeks you feed the plant during the growing season (ie between April and September) with fertilizer.
  • The Jasmine usually need a climbing frame, otherwise the plant does not grow properly.
  • Plant the jasmine between spring and autumn. When it comes to potted plants, then ensure a good drainage.
  • Wrap the jasmine once a year. It’s best to do this after hibernating in the spring.
  • If one cuts the winter jasmine after the bloom, one can effect positively the formation of new shoots and thereby also the bloom abundance. But you should be more cautious about the jasmines that are cultivated in the tub. Depending on the type of jasmine, it could take different amounts of time before new flowers emerge. But with true jasmine, you do not do anything wrong, even if you cut it back radically.

The jasmine plant has its impressive splendor

Even in a rustic style, you can stage the jasmine

We recommend that you only inform yourself about the needs of the various specimens and especially about what you have at home. So a long life and the unique beauty of jasmine is guaranteed!

Stylish symmetrical decoration for the dining table

Planted in a basket, the jasmine looks great!

In hanging teams the jasmine makes a nice figure

The right care is crucial for the jasmine

The beauty of this elegant plant enhances every room

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