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Koi pond in the garden – typical extra for the Asian and tropical inspired ambienceGarten & Pflanzen


Create Koi pond in the garden

The koi ponds are a typical extra for the Asian and tropical inspired ambience. They go well with many contemporary gardens. But maybe you do not like this kind of interior landscape? Do not worry.

The Koi brooks are a perfect match for the ambience in different ways – in a traditional, rustic or a different style.

Classic examples

The koi pond fits seamlessly into this Asian-style courtyard. This is a perfect place for relaxation for the inhabitants of this hectic world. You can also make the pond much smaller than here. But the area of ​​these dimensions would make fishing and hiking much easier.

And does he look gorgeous, right?

The clean lines of the contemporary garden basin frame the living area of ​​some ponds. The minimal amount of plants and the landscape elements leave the strongest effect to the red and golden beauties.

No matter whether natural or modern, the combination of koi and tropical plants is unbeatable

In the picture above, the koi pond is under lush greenery and points every day towards the beach.

Landscapes inspired by the forest

 Environment full of plants framed this koi pond. Like the tea house in the Asia-inspired garden above, this is a wonderful spot for relaxing after a very long day.

The boulders next to the pond below protect against intruders and also have a purpose.

If you sit down on the chair in the position above, you would probably stay there until late at night.

In the picture, the koi pond serves as a natural border between the backyard and the areas behind it

by Switzer’s Nursery & Landscaping, Inc.

Here the trees are a bit more formal than in the last pictures. The soft brick and the darker shapes are reminiscent of the atmosphere of a hut next to a beautiful lake.

Are you a fan of the rustic style?

Flowing water with small ponds in between you would certainly like it very much.

Lessons in geometry

The straight and rectangular adjoining lines of the garden feel softer and more comfortable due to the flowing of the water and the swimming of the fish. Do not want to sit down on the wide and wide edge of the pool and watch the fish.

Beautiful water garden in the backyard frame

In the next example, we mean with geometric not rectangular, but circular. The same structural effect comes about here as well.

Traditional approaches

The small garden ponds are almost always filled with plants. But with sufficient depth and breadth, the Koi feel at home here too

Mediterranean gardens and koi ponds are a very rare combination. But the picture below shows how well they fit together.

Mediterranean gardens and koi ponds

Very classic farms with ponds can appear much more alive through the koi

On a large scale, this closes in English Tudorhaus Koi pond along a walkway. You can look at the fish indoors from several different perspectives.

Mix and combine

One sees a wonderful combination of wells and a koi pond with the relaxed effect of a well-formed forest

The space lattice retaining wall and wooden steps. They are the perfect place to spend the summer days. Just add your favorite drink!

One can well imagine that a Koi pond enrolls well in an eclectic garden

He could most likely be the focus of the ambience as well as representing the connection of diverse elements.

Unique garden design inspired by Asian style

Make the entrance through a koi pond striking

The entrance can be the perfect place for the koi pond. However, there is a danger: guests will need to get to the front door, because they will want to look at the fish.

Behind the garden

If you want to see the fish through the whole year through, day and night, then you can install the koi pond on the winter terrace.

Do you love the coifs? Or did you fall in love with the idea of ​​a koi pond after this article?

If you have decided to install one, we hope to be of assistance

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