Lawn edge and bed border: Numerous ideas and practical tips

A lawn edge has the important role of separating flower and plant beds from the lawn and vice versa. In this way, the garden not only looks a lot neater, but the plants themselves have more space of their own. So they are not displaced from the lawn and disturbed in their growth. There are a lot of materials that are suitable for laying a lawn edge or bed enclosure suitable – stones, metal, plastic and rubber. In addition, you can make your lawn edges in the English style and provide more naturalness in your garden. How to lay the different lawn edges and what should be considered, you will learn in the next lines.

English lawn edge: The flowing transition

The so-called English lawn edge looks seamless and natural. Since you do not use any additional material when laying, but only a few simple garden tools. It is one of the cheapest types of lawn edging at all but quite labor intensive. And how do you lay a bedding border or turf duck? Very easily.

More natural harmony in the garden by English lawn edge

All you need is a cord, a lawn edge cutter, a spade and a wheelbarrow. First stretch the string along the stretch to be tapped. Then pierce the grass directly from above with the engraver and do not leave too large gaps between the individual stitches. Otherwise, you will not be able to remove the rest of the rest so easily later.

This you solve with the help of the spade and put him in the wheelbarrow. The material is then disposed of on the compost where it rots very quickly. Finally, treat the soil where the lawn edge is located with a hand hoe. And so the lawn, flower beds and garden look well maintained again.

Extra tip: Depending on the type of grass and bedding plants, you should often stab your lawn grass edges – usually once every four weeks.

The English lawn edge can also be cut off directly with the spade

Lawn edge of stone: the natural strength

This kind of lawn edges not only look very effective, but they can be laid with many types of stone – baked or natural stones, granite, paving or concrete. Depending on your garden style and your personal preferences, you can turn the stone lawn edge into a raised bed frame. When laying such a lawn edge you need the same tools as the English version plus a rubber mallet.

And that’s how easy it is done:

Stone lawn edges can simultaneously serve as narrow garden paths

Lawn edge of metal: the modern simplicity

Simple and modern, metal lawn edges are perfect for any stylish garden design. For some time, such lawn edges are in great demand both professional and amateur gardeners. The thin profiles are made of aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel and do not rust. They are relatively cheap, extremely robust and quite durable. The laying itself is also not rocket science and can be carried out without any special knowledge.

A simple guide makes it easier to lay a metal lawn edge

You will find numerous variations of metal lawn edges in specialized shops. These are usually used in a similar way. First the trench is prepared for the edges, then the individual metal elements are connected. When the entire lawn edge is finished, it is knocked down with the rubber hammer and inserted into the ground. It is best to leave about 2 cm between the top of the edge and the floor. This not only looks more beautiful, but the lawn edge is not overgrown by grass and plants in this way.

Extra tip: When knocking down the metal edge with the rubber mallet, it is best to put a wooden block on it and then hit it so that the edge does not bend.

If you want, you can also put mulch in the bed

Lawn edge of wood: the rustic harmony

Wood always looks very inviting and rustic, especially in rustic gardens, but also in a natural garden design. You can use whole wooden boards, tree trunks or tree disks as well as round woods that are sharpened.

Extra tip: If the wood tips buried in the ground are impregnated with water, they will not rot too quickly, but will last much longer than a beautiful bedding border or lawn edge. You can also use roofing felt for that.

Build whole palisades of sharpened timbers for your flowerbeds!

Plastic lawn edge: The recycled simplicity

Lawn edges and bed borders made of recycled rubber or plastic are also offered in abundance in specialist shops. These are cheap and easy to install. They are available in different colors and profiles and can be used as mowing edges at the same time.

Extra tip: Lawn mowing is always a challenge with lawn edges and bed borders higher than 1-2 cm. Normally you have to work with a lawn edge cutter or a trimmer to achieve an optimal result.

Beeteinfassung made of plastic in stone look


Correctly laid and designed lawn edges and bed surrounds give your garden more structure and allow the undisturbed growth of plants and flowers. It also makes your own gardening easier and more enjoyable. Depending on the material and installation, you should optimally care for every lawn edge, so that it also fulfills its function longer. Take a look at our picture gallery in peace as well as several building instructions that you can find on the net. If you have larger gardens or are not sure how to properly lay your grass edges, consult with experienced professionals and choose the best for your garden oasis.

You can also Bedding borders with plants shape

Or arrange these out of wrought iron with flowerpots

And how about effective flagstone bed surrounds?

Or maybe lay lawn edges better with bricks?

It even goes two-story …

Beeteinfassungen plastic can also be in brick look

Of course, these can not be compared with natural materials

Metal lawn edges can be perfectly combined with stones or mulch

And a lot of natural garden inspiration …

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