Let spring in! Hyacinths – spectacular decoration ideas


Although the winter is not over yet, nevertheless the spring makes itself slowly noticeable. The sun is showing more and more often, the snow does not stay very long on the ground and nature is already slowly starting to prepare for the blooms and leaves. After the gloomy and cold winter comes finally the time of the fresh spring colors and thus also the desire to fill the house and garden with life. Thus, we show you today examples like your own spring in the house and garden hyacinths can conjure up.

A plant that grows from onions and fills everything around them with its enchanting fragrance and brings nature to life!

How are you as soon as you notice this wonderful scent of spring flowers? hyacinths are one of the most spectacular genus, this one with its particularly rich flowers and thus ensures special attention. It not only thrives in the cold but grows and spreads its foliage and flowers at the beginning of each year punctually. Colorful is also, because there are all possibilities of colors. the most common variety is violet and white. However, the palette also spreads to yellow, dark blue, orange, pink, pink, cream and all these may stand in between. Variations from hyacinths can be made as much as you like. Above all, however, they are combined with other spring flowers and used as a group.

No matter where they may be, they give the room or garden a unique look and fragrance!

Have fun browsing!

Hyacinths as a main element in compositions

Hyacinth Straus for special impressions

Especially charming rooms in group planting with hyacinths

Hyacinths as a special eye-catcher

But also in the kitchen

Or as a composition on the balcony

Hyacinths in purple as theme giving for space

Matching to the tablecloth and background hyacinths

Suitable for the table decoration

Colorful flowerbed of hyacinths

Also suitable for winter decoration

Adolescent hyacinth especially lovely with special potty

Garden bed with adorable hyacinths

Gorgeous, right?

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