Lilac cut for rich and aromatic flowers

Lilac is one of the most charming plants we have ever found. It is one of those flowers that symbolizes the natural beauty as such. You can cut lilacs and make great table decorations. You can decorate your festivities with it or simply spread a better scent in the room.

But you can multiply the lilac and create a wonderful carpet in the garden. In other words, consider lilacs for your home and garden design.

Cut lilac and multiply – that’s how it works!

Are you considering great decoration for the kitchen corner? Then you should cut lilacs and distribute them in vases. All delicious food will taste all the better when the great smell of these plants spreads in your kitchen.

Scent of nostalgia, romance and loss – lilac

Are you looking for a perfume that suits a retro wedding? Are you looking for something that smells really romantic and nostalgic? Then you should consider lilacs. It combines the same with the lilacs in many different cultures.

The different colors

The nuances of the lilacs range from white to pink to purple. They are different, but always very romantic and tender. There are also the green sticks under the flowers that have not yet developed. Think of all the arrangements you can make in the garden, for the terrace, for the kitchen outdoors or inside. Just breathe in and out deeply and you will always carry the summer mood with you.

To the lilacs and their spread

Lilac is a shrub or a small tree with a height of 7-8 meters. In the beginning he shows an enemy bark, which however becomes brittle over time. They have an elongated heart shape. We have already described the colors of the flowers. The leaves are garish to dark green.

Lilac is used to growing even in a rocky environment up in the mountains. The lilac tree survives there on the basis of many root aspirants. He also helps further for getting these landscapes. He holds the earth together through his extensive ground-root system.

The damp soil does not do the plant any good.

There are many different ways in which the lilac can multiply. The most effective is this, which is realized by seeds. They are ripe in the fall and can then be collected.

Although this type of propagation gives slower results. But at the same time it is so that all characteristics of the “mother plant” are transmitted. This gives every hobby gardener the opportunity to better plan the garden.

Of all lilacs, syringapersica is the most popular and popular.

Lilac is one of the most charming plants

The lilac scent takes you back to earlier times

For Vasendeko cut the lilac

A pleasure for the eyes and the soul

The lilac charms with its colors

Do you have a snow-white lilac in your garden?

The lilac is also used in the pastry shop

Take good care of your lilac plant

Prepare an aromatic flidertee

An exuberant plant idea for the garden

Let yourself be carried away by reading the lilac fragrance into another world

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