Little Garden Ideas – Design this with lots of creativity!

Small garden? Design this with a lot of creativity!

How big is your outdoor area? Do you have a small garden? Do you have a terrace? Do you have a bit of space to realize your childhood dreams?

Small garden and ideas we want to discuss together in this article. They are not functional. But they make us dream and remind us how we saw the world when we were very little. They always look lovely and super exotic.

You could also design such a garden in your city apartment. There it will look like a small island that will distract you from everyday worries every time you look at it.

Outdoor or Indoor – Small Garden Ideas

The first decision you need to make before looking for ideas for the little garden is that you have to decide whether your little garden will be indoors or outdoors. This is especially important when choosing the right plants. In both cases, they would have to be small-sized and would not need much of their own earth.

It is also important that they are able to share the soil with other species. Because only then you have the freedom to create great artistic constellations.

Suitable vessels

The next step in designing your little garden would be to look at many different vessels and get a few. On the one hand, they have to be adapted to the available space. Therefore, think in advance exactly where the garden will be and how much space is available at the appropriate place. Sometimes we have variants that are out in the summer and indoors in the winter. Look for a suitable solution in both cases.

Then it’s about the shape. It has to be appropriate to your concept. In most cases, the small gardens have different ideas for the arrangement in mind. That could, if you really want to look back to childhood, integrate the heroes from your favorite fairy tales there.

Involve the children

No matter what aesthetic considerations are called, the real reason to create such a garden in most cases is the desire to find the child in itself. Are you already parents? Or maybe you have children around for other reasons? What could be better for arousing the dreams of your own young period than communicating with them? Why not have a discussion with the children about ideas how to make the garden? This will take you further than you might think. Remember how rich your world was in your thoughts back then.

Splendor of colors and flowers

Variety of plants in the small garden

Water garden with artificial grass

Several garden plants

Gorgeous flower colors

Hanging chair as a swing in the backyard

Well kept lawn in the Stadtumg MOVE

Landscape solution for a small garden area

Garden furniture made of rattan

Small flowerbed around the mailbox around

Artistically built pond in the garden

Rustic recreation and dining area in the shade

Concrete slabs as flooring in the modern garden

Reasonably designed garden corner with a fountain

Vintage atmosphere in the backyard

Waterfall as an eye catcher here

Easy-care plants and flowers in the garden

Rural pergola as a seating area outdoors

Confidential, private atmosphere

Vertical garden designed from succulents

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