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Maintain the bonsai tree properly and practically


The Bonsai tree is one of the coolest interior and exterior ideas that create a unique look. In this article our editors would like to deal with the correct and practical care of the Bonsai tree. The following tips are particularly important for these plants and for their correct attitude in the interior. Learn more interesting tips in the following paragraphs

The care of bonsai tree is important

The right temperature remains a must

The bonsai tree belongs to the category tropical tree species, which need high temperatures throughout the year. High temperature does not mean 30-35 degrees, but a moderate room temperature such as in your living room. In Germany, the subtropical bonsai trees are very popular because they can withstand even lower temperatures.

This property is especially important for the winter season.


The bonsai tree needs light. A lot of light!

The bonsai tree is 80% positioned in the interior, because its unique look is considered a design highlight. For this reason, one should focus on the good care of the tree and pay attention to all important factors. Compared to the normal plants, the care of the bonsai tree differs a lot. One reason for this is that they have a limited storage capacity of nutrients and water when planting the bonsai in small pots. Another point is that this kind of plants categorized into tropical trees, that is, they need a lot of light and humidity.

For this reason, interior care is rather difficult to organize. But there is nothing impossible and for years there are many possibilities for the specific care of indoor bonsai trees.




In the first place, the light intensity is a very important point when it comes to the care of the bonsai tree. A problem with the attitude of the plant is that there is less lighting in the interior than outdoors. These types of plants will not die because of the low light intensity, but their growth will be significantly inhibited and this will weaken the plant even more. Of course, you can plan this process strategically and avoid the negative consequences. For the destination you should definitely find a bright spot in your home and make sure that this place stands directly in front of a south facing window. These two points are among the most important tips for proper care of a bonsai tree.

In this context, it is important to mention that you could also use an alternative – artificial lighting. You can manually control the light intensity and adjust it carefully. By using fluorescent lamps with growth-friendly spectra, you will certainly achieve the desired effect. Special light-emitting diode lamps should help the bonsai tree for about 8 to 10 hours a day.

The natural light intensity is considered a must

Ensure optimum moisture

You have carefully set the temperature in the room and organized the optimal lighting design for the bonsai tree. There remains one more important task – moisture. The storage of the tree should be planned very well to avoid many negative consequences for the bonsai. For this reason, you should set the perfect humidity. In this context, you should know that the bonsai tree needs a higher humidity than the indoor conditions in the house. This is particularly low in winter, if you use air conditioning or heating. An interesting idea would be the placement of a glass filled with water near the bonsai tree.

Use clever care tips for your bonsai tree

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