Marigolds 4 Evidence of the healing and nurturing power of nature

The marigold is one of the most famous and versatile medicinal plants. It is suitable for gargling inflammation in the mouth and throat area. Envelopes and ointments from the flowers improve and accelerate the healing of the wounds.

Add a handful of marigold flowers to your bath water and see for yourself the quality of the medicinal plant.

Marigolds are used in naturopathy as well as in cosmetics

1) Naturopathy

In the Naturopathy the whole plant is used, with the exception of the roots. The marigold flowers from June to October. The healing Effect of the flowers is most powerful in midsummer.

In June, the healing power of the herbs should be strongest

In addition to the roots, everything is used on the marigold

2) teas and baths

Marigold teas purify the blood and are a proven remedy for jaundice, liver disease and gastric ulcer. The tea is able to calm the nervous system and lower high blood pressure. A freshly made tea from 2 teaspoon marigold blossoms puts an end to your constipation.

Gargling with marigold tea will soften and strengthen your sensitive and bleeding gums.

The effect of ringflower tea is generally soothing and cleansing

The tea is made from the beautiful little orange-yellow petals

Douches and baths with marigold extract soothe vaginal yeast infections. (During pregnancy, the use of marigold baths and ointments is prohibited)

The juice of the plant, especially the freshly squeezed slows the formation of age spots and warts.

From the flowers is still the precious marigold ointment produced

The nourishing calendula oil can be prepared very easily at home

3) salves

The marigold ointment heals varicose veins, burns, damaged skin after surgery and other skin injuries. The ointment successfully fights also foot and nail fungus. Even the eternal problem with the cracked skin on the heels can finally be solved by the marigold ointment.

The marigold ointment soothes the delicate skin of babies, which is often irritated by diapers – wearing them.

Various marigold products can be found in the drugstore or health food store

4) Cosmetics

The marigold has soothing, regenerating and invigorating properties. This makes the plant an ideal ingredient in skincare creams and lotions. The Calendula oil For example, it is an excellent and lasting solution against dry skin.

The oil is particularly suitable for the hot summer months, when the skin is much more vulnerable to dehydration. The same applies to the frost in winter.

Using marigold cosmetics reduces the risk of dermatitis.

The marigold is also generous to our hair and scalp, which feel fantastic after a hair cure with marigolds.

The nourishing marigold oil makes your skin soft and supple

The marigold ointment works against varicose veins and blemishes of the skin

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