Modern architecture at the coast of Bainbridge Island

Modern architecture on the coast

The coast of the Pacific Northwest shows no beautiful dune landscape with palm trees like in Southern California, Cape Cod or Florida. But the coast is very charming everywhere.

Today, talk of Bainbridge Island in Washington. It is located in a neighborhood filled with houses dominated by gulls and anchors.

The modern architecture and landscape design by Wittman Estes has been created to create a true northwestern style entrance. These have been attached to some houses on the beach.

Customers wanted a modern, elegant entrance and a lounge area that reflected the beach atmosphere and rural areas at the same time. Due to the consideration of the natural conditions, the houses are also relatively easy to maintain. They wanted to build something beautiful, but also avoid stereotypes. The coast itself, not the standard perception of life at this one, has inspired the architecture of the houses.

The house at a glance

Who lives here: A couple approaching the pension

Location: Bainbridge Island, near Seattle

construction team: Architects: Wittman Estes; Construction: Pyramid Construction; Stainless Steel Tanker Manufacturing: Seattle Boiler Works; Concrete Manufacturing: Bill House;

Plant materials: Melissa Firestone

Area: 74 square meters

Find seclusion in the backyard

The recently renovated backyard gave the direction for many solutions in the front of the exterior. Estes wanted to create a unique experience at the entrance. The house is located very close to the beach and this neighborhood to the water has influenced many aspects of the design, planting and hardscape color palette. Despite the abundant inspiration from the sea, the ambiance is not overly beachy.

The farm creates a healthy and practical reference to car traffic. On the one hand, it looks good for the passing cars and on the other – it includes traffic routes. It has a street to the front door, one to the garbage bin and another to the seating area. It was essential to have access to the garage door and the place for the garbage disposal. That’s why you have created this parallel to the comfortable seating and dining outside.

Estes said the following about this challenge: With all these demands on access to the different places, it happened that if we had not been careful, we would have only created a few paths.

Stainless steel planters had already been used in the yards and Estes had incorporated them in the front part of the outdoor area. Through division and mirror effects, a visual extension of space has been achieved. You just never see everything at a glance.

Choose cedar fence

A cedar fence surrounds the room. The owners were originally driven to construction by the desire to shield themselves from wind and ocean spray. They wanted to achieve privacy, but at the same time you did not like the idea that the fence is opaque and totally separates it from the outside world.

Estes has therefore created a surrounding structure through which one can see through. The garden is still private by character, but the passers-by are offered a glimpse inside the courtyard.

To merge with the coast

Gravel and precast concrete left over from the promenade added to the contemporary coastal theme. According to Estes, the colors of the custom-made concrete really took on the character of the local beach. This one is pretty gray.

While you can clearly see that pavement is a path, its diagonal lines and pebbled twinkling make it look like art.

plant selection


plants decisions

The plants in the yard have certain practical tasks. The householders wanted something with large, evergreen leaves. That’s why Estes chose the Art Acanthus mollis (bear claw) design. Subterranean tubers of plants spread rather quickly. In a fresh climate, which one has on the ocean, but this process is quite limited.

The bear claw is one of the few plants whose long leaves can tolerate salt water and whipping the wind.

Gray feather grass was used because of its height. The swing is reminiscent of the nearby water. Fat hens fill the raised beds. Plentifully planted calamus (Acorus) overflows the edges of the yard.

Stay in the shade with the vine maple

The owners really wanted to plant more of them. The company Estes says that they should not forget that the house owners wanted to use the room in the evening. That’s why you had to think about overshadowing. For this reason, they have also planted vine maple in the southwestern part of the dining area. So you would shield the afternoon sun and the room would still open to the southwest. So the sun can come through very easily.

Modernize the backyard

Enjoy lovely views

The backyard looks outside into Puget Sound. Estes has been particularly pleased with the selection of homeowners for a modern garden. The result was more than outstanding, probably because the enthusiasm was accompanied by so much inspiration and joy. The modern architecture, in whose mind the design is invented, leaves a feeling for creativity and perfection.

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