Modern architecture Houses that unite with nature

Houses of modern architecture make sustainability the rule

The vertical gardens are by no means news. Actually, they have been known for centuries. But the particularly conscious handling of these and their use in super modern architecture, ie modern houses in super-developed and dynamic cities has really become a trend.

Such buildings were a few years ago attractions in the places where they were built. But houses that have vertical gardens are becoming more and more. The many examples you find for them show that they will soon become the rule and not the exception.

Modern architecture Houses matching concrete and green

Concrete and metal and all the modern materials that contemporary architecture loves have long been opposed to nature. You can see yourself locked up in “concrete forests”, far from the beautiful green, which once dominated our way of life. But this attitude is out of date. This opposition does not have to be real anymore. Because vertical gardens can be wonderfully attached to houses made of concrete and metal through modern architecture. So we have brought together the advantages of the “green walls” and the stable materials in one place.

The green walls

Architects have developed many intelligent methods to bring these two tendencies together. The best of these, however, are the green walls. They are also called living wall or, as mentioned above, vertical gardens. In most cases, they extend to the whole height of the building. They can be found on the exterior facades as well as on the walls inside the houses.

The technology that modern architecture applies to houses with green walls

The modern architecture houses with green walls have special, integrated systems of irrigation. Only with these is the care of such green walls possible, especially on large areas. With such an irrigation system, they not only get water, but also all the necessary nutrients. So you can control the development of the plants on the green walls.

Modern architecture knows houses with vertical gardens of different shapes and sizes. One refers to the climate, looking for certain, specifically desired by the inhabitants effects. It continues to be geared to the needs of households and the available space.


The vertical green walls occur at modern architecture houses around the world. But there are a number of countries that are leaders in this direction. These are currently – among others – England, Australia, Mexico, Germany and Spain. There one seems to appreciate the highest the advantages of this green technique.

But let’s summarize what these benefits are? First, you have more fresh air in the city if you have plenty of greenery. In addition, the vertical green walls are also effective noise insulators. They fight the superfluous accumulation of heat in certain places. The green walls also add to the humidity in modern architecture homes.

Also purely aesthetically pleasing the vertical gardens most humans. They feel more relaxed and balanced in their living environment.

The green walls provide better noise isolation

A modern facade design – modern architecture houses

Get more fresh air in the city

Spice up your house through a boisterous house facade

An alternative to redesign the house facade

Admirable – do not you think?

Design the vertical facade garden with various green plants

Green races on the roof – an idea that also leads to “green life”

Modern houses with great facade design

What do you think about this house sight?

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