Modern garden design with aromatic plants

The modern garden design is increasingly considered as a continuation of the living space. The boundaries between inside and outside disappear through the unity in style and form. The plants are in this sense a kind of accessories. Their presence is subordinate to the general concept and does not constitute an end in itself. Well-being and relaxation thus come to the fore. Fragrance plants naturally gain more and more importance within such a concept.
We have prepared a list of very popular flowers with beautiful aromas for you.

Scented stone in white

Stone herbs, Alyssum varieties for modern garden design

Most Alyssum varieties of stone herbs are very popular because of their beautiful fragrance. These include e.g. Rock Stone Herb and the scent stone rhyme. They are most common in the colors white and yellow. The stems are usually upright, but there are those that go to earth or ascend.

Sometimes the flowers can also be in purple and pink. The plants are perennial, their seeds also tolerate relatively good frost.

The scent honeysuckle also fills the garden with yellow color

Scented honeysuckle for all hobby gardeners

The scented honeysuckle would be another wonderful opportunity if you want to enrich your own garden with more beautiful aromas. She needs very little care and develops well. The scented honeysuckle can reach up to 3 meters. In Diameter it becomes approx. 1, 50 wide. As a rule, one likes to set accents in the garden. The scent honeysuckle would be wonderful against the background of a broader green area. It also allows you to fulfill an area of ​​recreation or entertainment with more color and fragrance.
There are different types of this plant. Several new hybrids have been developed that are less invasive. For one amateur gardeners that would be the perfect option.

Roses enchant with color, texture and fragrance

The roses

The roses are a natural choice if you want a fragrant garden. Incidentally, they are easier to care for than most people think. Also for the garden beginner they would be an ideal choice. In addition, there are now many beautiful, easy-care varieties that you can choose from.

With Phlox you set great accents in the garden

Phlox, also called phlox

If you want a nice fragrance at the beginning of spring, this perennial plant would be the perfect choice for you. The flaming flowers bloom from late spring to the end of summer again and again. The phlox you prefer to plant somewhere far away from other flowers. It also does not thrive very well in competition with such and can be pushed quickly.

Summer lilac also attracts the butterflies

Summer lilac, also called butterfly lilac

We all know the beautiful scent of summer lilac. But we can also count on its great, colorful flowers for our modern garden design. This is partly due to the fact that the summer lilac attract many butterflies. Hence comes the second, more common name for colloquial use.

The blossoming apple tree smells beautiful

More air through the blossoming apple tree

There are several beautiful fruit trees, characterized by color and scent Your garden would enrich. This includes the apple tree in its heyday. Consider this possibility as well.

Many peonies also spread wonderful aromas

The peonies

Among the peonies, there is now a very large variety. In addition to the beautiful colors, they also have a great scent. These perennial plants would therefore be a wonderful investment for your own garden design.

The carnations have a striking and pleasant scent

The carnations

The scent of two-year-old carnations is also loved by everyone. There are also many different subspecies. Viesuell, by their appearance, they fit well with the various garden design styles. The Chinese or the Whitsun carnation, for example, looks quite striking in terms of color and size. These flowers would be suitable for gorgeous garden design in a rural style.

Fragrant roses often decorate garden tunnels

The aromatic plants in the garden design

The right and effective use of aromatic plants depends on one well thought out garden design together. Do not forget that the beautiful features of the flowers also have a function. They will probably attract the insects. You need to make sure that is good for the rest of your garden as well. Also, some home residents could have allergies.
So before you select the aromatic plants, you must have considered these aspects. Only then do they make a plan where they should best be used to bring you the greatest possible value.

Scented plants in flowerpots for inside and outside

How should we use the aromatic plants?

Depending on the species of flowers, you can use them directly in the soil. That would be appropriate e.g. at the perennial peonies. Other types of flowers can be placed in boxes or flower containers. In the summer you can bring them outside and let them hibernate indoors again when they move in. So you will enjoy on the terrace or in the garden whose beauty and fragrance every season better.

You can find even more scented plants in this video

Fragrant peonies for the windowsill

Scented plants are suitable for vintage decoration

Scented plants can also decorate the wall

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