Modern houseplants as a fresh decoration for the home

Modern houseplants – make the ambience cheerful

Does it seem to you, your apartment offers you the desired comfort, but it is missing something? Take urgent action to change that! The solution could be modern plants! These could bring a fresh touch to your apartment.

Decorating the apartment with plants is a lively decoration idea. It’s worth paying attention to it. That’s exactly what we’re doing today through this article. Today it’s our turn modern houseplants , Are you interested in this topic? Then stay tuned and read on!

In this white ambience, the green plant looks beautiful

Green plants are a stylish decoration

Big or small should the plants be? Flowering plants or green plants? Which ones will fit better in your home? The plant could be modern for itself, but also the plant pot is important! The vessel in which the plant is located should be beautiful and representative enough to achieve a full aesthetic end effect. Things should be executed qualitatively and stylishly, right?

Fancy plant pots

A great trend is to arrange the plants side by side, from the smallest to the largest. That looks especially attractive! Try it, you will create a beautiful decoration in this way!

Two small ficus benjamina plants in glassy vessels

Arrange the flowerpots stylishly next to each other on the floor

A cactus, a solitaire palm, a cyclamen, a Zamia (Zamioculcas) or a rubber tree (Ficus elastica) should it be? The leaf shape, the leaf color and the flowers play a role when we talk about modern indoor plants. If they are all eye-catching, because they are extremely interesting and beautiful, then they are considered modern enough. They will be great in the modern ambience, because they are attractive enough. It is important that the plant serves as an eye-catcher in the room, that it can be treated as an attraction. Then this is considered modern and easily turns into a beautiful accent with decorative function that spice up everything around!

Different cactuses types

Ficus benjamina in a great plant pot

Zamioculcas is a beautiful ornamental plant

The money tree is an interesting eye-catcher in every room

We look closer with two modern houseplants, which have made a special impression on us. These will help you create a contemporary and fresh ambience. Let’s start with the Money Tree (Pachira aquatica). Besides being modern, this is a low maintenance houseplant. The lucky chestnut is a tropical plant with dark green leaves. It should be poured moderately throughout the year.

Money tree in elegant plant pot

The Strahlenaralie (Schefflera) is a small beautiful tree of tropical origin, which is great as a decoration for offices and apartments. This is a very robust houseplant.

Schefflera is a beautiful houseplant

Ficus benjamina tree

An interesting houseplant is the absolute hit in the interior design

Zamia in a beautiful white plant pot

Cactus species in a plant pot

Inspirational sheepflera tree

There should be plants in every home

Huge houseplant in a light green plant pot

Spice up the living room with some greenery

Arrange flowerpots next to each other on a bench

Attractive flowerpot

Large houseplant in the white plant pot

A small tree is that!

The plants are great in this living room

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