Modern planters with face – funny cool deco ideas

Modern planters decorate your home and add a funny touch

Flowerpot with face, with your own expression on it. What a cool idea that the Kazakh advertising agency GOOD! has brought about.

Have you ever noticed that the human face shape fits in well with the rounded shape of the planter?

Probably not. We also forgot this interesting fact. But now we can all benefit from it.

Amuse yourself with this cool decoration idea

The portrait picture and the plant make a funny gas office picture

Deco ideas with a sense of humor

The so-called “flowerpots” (Facepots) are creative and modern planters that you could use as a unique picture frame. The plant above the photo plays the role of hair and forms a funny hairstyle. That’s exactly what makes the idea so clever and unique. In fact, the principle is very simple. The components of a facepot are a white planter with a flower or green plant and a slightly larger translucent flowerpot that protects the photo from any damage.

Be photographed and design your own planter!

Which flower suits your personality best?

A funny or angry look? – decide for yourself!

The whole family

Funny examples as inspiration

A simple idea with great impact

How do you find these modern planters? Did you like them as much as we did? Because we are really excited about it and would like to design all planters in the editorial office in this cool way.

Anyway, you have a great gift idea for the next occasion.


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