Over 40 suggestions on how to build a terrarium yourself


There are many people who are fans of terrarium (people who feed a terrarium are called terriers). And with certainty one can say that this is a fancy hobby. Because in this way each of us has the chance to prove his own love for the animals. If you also want to be a terrarium owner, you could very easily build your own terrarium yourself. In this article we show you a construction manual. If you really feel like it, you could take a look at our pictures. Here you will also find great ideas from which you could draw inspiration.

There are a few aspects to consider when choosing the right terrarium. You should first have some ideas about what your home-made terrarium should look like. For this purpose you could simply draw a sketch. In addition, you should already have decided on a species. Because the design of your terrarium depends on the size of your pet. You need to give your pet enough space to feel comfortable. In this way, the animals can move enough and so they have the chance to meet their natural needs.

A terrarium is usually made of glass, plastic or wood – there are very different variants that you might like very much. For this purpose, you could also use coarse particle board – in this way, the whole process can be simplified. You actually need about 7 coarse particle boards – these could be found and purchased in any well-stocked hardware store. After that, some holes need to be drilled by you. And later you can screw these with Phillips screws. And then the coarse chipboard must be sufficiently firmly interconnected.

There are usually many ideas available on the internet. And here you can find a detailed construction manual. In addition, you could always just build a very small terrarium for terrarium plants. That could also be a great idea. Because such terrariums look very original and beautiful. Terrarium plants such as bromeliads, vines, ferns, mosses, soil plants and succulents could be ideal.

Are you one of the many Terrians? Then you could build your own terrarium yourself!

There are many variants that you might like

You could also use a small incandescent bulb to build a mini terrarium yourself

In this article you will find many inspirational pictures – you can just take a look to make the right decision

And here’s a terrarium for animals – to that end, it would be better if you use particle board, because that would save you a lot of money

A fancy mini terrarium – that could also be a very good gift idea!

Very nice looking terrarim for plants

If you want to build such a terrarium yourself, you should select the appropriate plants

You will need terrarium plants!

Such terrarium plants are, for example, bromeliads, climbing plants, ferns, mosses, soil plants and succulents

Here is a fancy idea for a terrarium made of light bulb

Mini terrarium with Star Wars motifs

You should simply have some ideas on how your home-made mini terrarium should look for plants

And certainly one can say that you can very easily realize your own ideas

You just want to have a fancy mini terrarium for plants to build yourself

Here is an example of how you could design your own terrarium for plants yourself

Mini terrariums can look really great

A terrarium for animals

With such a mini terrarium for plants you have the chance to feel connected to nature

And here are some great pictures showing terrariums for plants

Great plants in the terrarium …

If you have such a terrific looking terrarium, you could make your own friends jealous!

In addition, one can say with certainty that a mini terrarium usually has several advantages

Such unusual terrariums serve mainly decorative purposes

If you are a garden owner, you must know that the small plant terrariums are actually a great idea for the plants Landscaping could be

With a mini terrarium you have the chance to beautify not only your own garden, but also your apartment

Have you already decided on a fancy mini terrarium?

You really will not make a mistake if you build a small terrarium with the terrarium plants you have selected

Because only in this way you have the chance to have a customized terrarium

Build mini terrarium yourself

Build a terrarium from a coffee pot yourself? Why not! That could also be a crazy idea!

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