Place green plants in the small apartment correctly!

Green plants ideas for your little apartment

they prefer green plants in vases and are not quite a plant lover? We are sure to find one or at least two green plants for your home that you can easily take care of!

Are you interested in where to put your house plants best?

We have some installation options for you.

Introduce freshness and liveliness through green plants

Houseplants are the best trick for refreshing your home. They introduce freshness and life, purify the air and connect with nature.

Great plant ideas for your apartment

Palm trees, decorative shrubs and other large plants are well suited for the corridor or for the living room. These need little light and can be placed in a corner.

The house plants can serve as a room divider

Another good idea is to use a large flower pot with different types of flowers as room divider. This will allow you to separate your dining area from your living room.

Decorate living room wall with green plants

Decorating a blank wall with flowers is also a nice way to set things up. So bring more joy of life into the house. Use flowerpots of a specific color to match your decor. But if you want to put an accent on it, use a bright color of your choice.

Use a wooden ladder as a flower rack

You have an old wooden ladder and plan to get rid of it? Not! A ladder as a flower frame is trendy today. Paint them in a fresh, new color and you can reuse them. It’s up to you where to place your new flower rack!

Distribute easy care succulents in the house

Decorate your living room table beautifully with your succulent collection, or display it on a side table near the window.

A boisterous bathroom decoration

You can also decorate the bathroom with green plants. An admirable orchid would feel very comfortable there.

Fresh herbs in the kitchen

How do you personally stand for herbs? This is still an exuberant idea that fits the theme of “healthy life”. Plant different herbs in small pots or in unusable cups. These will spice up your kitchen and you will always have fresh herbs at hand.

hanging Tillandsia in a glass jar

For a modern furnished apartment we still have a modern plant idea – aerial plants. Tillandsien are an absolute eye-catcher. A plant lamp above the dining table will definitely rob your guests.

Cook with fresh herbs

Do you like this green plant idea?

Wall decoration of modern style

Colorfull kitchen decoration with colorful flowerpots

Place a tall plant in the hallway

Put a side table with a plant in the bathroom

Save space with indoor plants to hang

An exotic room decoration

Air plants as exuberant wall decoration

An idea for open stairs

Coffee table decoration with purple orchids

Decorate your bathroom with decorative bushes

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