Plant herbs – balcony garden with fragrant pot herbs

Aromatic herbs for the balcony – Part 2

With the dawn of spring and the first sunny days, each one of us craves to enjoy nature more and more. Our first steps in this regard are usually to sit on your own balcony or terrace. To make these places outdoors even more natural and full of flavor, we have a great idea: plant herbs! We have already hinted at that, but today we want to talk about our second article Plant herbs continue on the balcony!

Plant herbs – plant mint on the balcony

For the cultivation of mint at home, it is enough to plant the plant in a wide and low pot. Put this in a ventilated place. The mint grows fast, needs no special care and can withstand temperature changes with ease. It is important to be careful when choosing mint.

There are some varieties that have their peculiarities depending on the origin.

Tip: The mint tea can be used as a remedy for seasickness and travel fever. It relieves the symptoms of nausea.

Parsley – green gold

Parsley is a traditional spice that should never be missed in a home. The green gold, as this spice is called, likes the semi-shade and therefore you should find a suitable balcony corner for the parsley outside. Make sure that the earth always stays moist. It would not hurt the plant if you water it every day. The parsley grows pretty fast. Besides being a valuable culinary spice, the parsley can be used as a decorative plant. As such, it will provide more freshness in your home.

Plant herbs – rosemary

The rosemary charms everyone with its long-lasting and intense fragrance. Indispensable in the kitchen, it blooms with blue flowers and ensures happiness in every balcony or on the terrace.

The plant loves the sun and does not need a lot of water. Resistant to pests and drought, it is perfect for breeding at home. The rosemary is rich in potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, copper and magnesium. Put it in a sunny spot and during the cold months you can put it in the house.

Tip: Remove the dry leaves regularly.

After these herbal ideas you have nothing left but to take the matter into your own hands and to design your own herbal oasis on the balcony!

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