Plant pot designs with practical function that amaze you

Fancy plant pot designs for an extraordinary ambience

Do you want to decorate your desk so that everyone is jealous of your decoration? With these plant pots, you can make the desk look amazing and at the same time refresh it by using the beautiful designer eco plant pots from the Ukrainian designer studio Kononenkoid beautify.

These fancy ones Pflanztopf Designs will undoubtedly grab your attention if you want to unite your enthusiasm for plants and your practical thinking in one.

Great pencil holder design with plants

To put several plant pots next to each other can look perfect!

See the design up close

As it has been the talk of plant pots as decorative items several times, today we will again emphasize that flower pots can fascinate just as much as any other accessory! They have an impressive decorative power.

Plant pot design, which resembles a cage, can turn into a wonderful decoration for the living room

An original design in white by Tim van de Weerd

Combining plant pots is a beautiful decoration idea for indoor as well as outdoor use

Elegant plant pots made of glass

If you need further proof, be sure to check out Kononenkoid’s wonderful flowerpot models. These have a quadrangular shape and two levels. The low part can be used to put some stationery in it. You can choose from two designs that have different widths of holes depending on the type of pen. In the upper level small plants are positioned. These can help you get inspiration during the work day and at the same time they are a source of oxygen. This simple and elegant combination of Pflanztopf and pen holder is a great unconventional decoration idea for every ambience!

The design from above. What do you think will suit your desk look?

Cacti are a fitting idea for this flower pot design because they are small plants

Cacti and pens look inspiring together, right?

Choose from two different models

The head of the project is Ukraine-based designer Julia Kononenko. She describes her work as a beautiful idea of ​​uniting two distinctly different functions into one object, but also complementing each other. Keeping pens can be important in order to keep the work table in place, but to create peace of mind on the workplace just as important. Do you agree too?

So how do you find this gorgeous idea? Did this inspire you to rethink your office decor a little more carefully?

Make the office look amazing

Combine pens and plants attractively on the work table

Functional and beautiful design

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