Plant with big leaves – a great looker at home

If you want to bring spring home, you will not do anything wrong with indoor plants. Indoor plants give the interior design its own charm and a lot of freshness and large houseplants give it a unique, spectacular look … But we do not mean flowering plants, but those with large and beautiful leaves that are just as impressive … plants are ultimately not always popular because of their flowers , But their leaves can also cause fascination! Convince yourself how a plant with large leaves sets a wonderful accent in the room! Just take a look at the following picture gallery!

Bring a tropical flair to the bedroom

As a rule, each individual plant has its own requirements for location and fluid requirements. But many indoor plants are easy to care for and can be very enjoyable without much effort. Even large houseplants can be easily maintained and enjoyed at home for a long time. Positioned in the right place, they cause, in short, real furore …

To properly stage the houseplants

Proper care guarantees longevity of indoor plants

Actually, it is not very difficult to grow houseplants, especially large indoor plants, at home. Just choose plants that you like in your home cultivate successfully can.

It is therefore of great importance to know well the incidence of light in the respective room. Pay particular attention to how often you water them! Let us inform you, how much water every single plant needs! Because too much water also damages the large green plants, namely their roots. It is therefore advisable to think of a drainage layer.

Plant with large leaves is a beautiful, green eye-catcher in every room

Extra tip: Even fertilizer sticks you could get, if you are not sure how much fertilizer the respective plant needs. Take into account that too much fertilizer damages the plant. Use special fertilizers for every plant!

Leaves with a beautiful color tie the view to themselves

The list of plants with beautiful, large leaves is long!

It is a series of houseplants with large leaves that enhance the interior design. For example, palm trees are a great alternative if you want to put on large houseplants with fancy leaves. Take into account that these need a bright location. Both Indoor palm There is also a period known as hibernation. During this time they do not need much water. But do not put them on the terrace or on the balcony when it gets warm, because their leaves get brown spots!

This is called a familiarization phase, which lasts about two weeks. It is best to keep this plant in a partially shaded place, only in the morning or evening sun.

The green plant could also put you in the middle of the room if you want a playful interior design

The bow hemp is also one of the beautiful houseplants with big leaves. This needs little light and little water and cleans the room air. The elephant foot could also be a fresh addition to your home. You need to water this houseplant twice a month, it also needs lots of sunlight … So this is a low maintenance green plant that you can easily grow at home! Other leafy plants that you can wonderfully stage in the interior are the dragon tree and the Monstera.

Elephant feet in different sizes combine for a more beautiful effect

The Monstera fascinates everyone with their unusual leaves

The dragon tree with its unusual look is a nice decoration for the living room

Are you also looking for a green eye-catcher in the living room or bedroom? We hope you have some inspiration for your beautiful green home decoration from our article! But do not forget that having houseplants at home is a responsible job! By taking care of them, you take care of a living being that gives him pleasure …

So decide on plants at home, be diligent in their care! They certainly get revenge on their part: they are rewarded by their beauty and longevity!

Choose the right plant container for your green plant!

Refresh the reading corner!

Be creative! Why do not you put a few books under the flowerpot with the green plant?

Large house plants also need plenty of space to unfold their beauty …

Spice up the neutral living room furniture with green plants with large leaves

Bring some freshness into the living room through a green houseplant

A plant with large leaves enhances every interior!

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