Potted plants and the necessary spring care

Tips on how to take care of potted plants in spring

The beginning of spring often means a lot of work in the garden. We have to prepare many plants there for the warm seasons – summer and autumn. The guessed the potted plants something in oblivion. But that should not be. At this time you need a lot of care to continue to enjoy our beautiful flowers for a long time. Spring is therefore the right time to spend your time potted plants have to implement.

Transplant potted plants properly

Potted plants beautify the garden

Fully transplant or renew the soil

First and foremost, you should sort out the plants that need to be transplanted. For some, this is only necessary once every 4 or 5 years. For others, only the renewal of the earth’s surface is important. And this must happen at all. Let’s return to the subject of transplanting. Here are some simple rules to keep in mind.

The right care for the plants is crucial

Properly transplant and water

Decorate the flowerpots

Minimalist flower pot in white brings a fresh flair

Determine the correct width of the planter

The new pot should only be a few inches wider than the roots. The idea that the larger vessel is better for the plant is wrong. Actually, the plant extracts the beneficial substances only from the potting soil, which is in the immediate vicinity of this.

Transplanting is an important part of gardening

Choose a new matching flowerpot

You have to prepare the plants for transfer

You have to start fertilizing the plants a month before. After changing the flowerpot you can not do it for a few weeks. If the plants have not been fertilized before, they suffer from lack of minerals. Water regularly until the day of transplanting.

Begin fertilizing the plants in advance

The right watering up to the day of transplanting plays a big role

Attention to the plants with big roots

Some plants have big roots. You have to separate them easily with each transplanting – from below and to the side too!

Watch the roots

Other care tips

Achieve a better shape

After transplanting, around May, we can improve the shape of the plants by special care. You should cut off the parts that are slightly above the ground. That makes the potted plants, among other things, healthier.

Make a nice shape of the plants

A creative idea of ​​how to beautify the ambience of a plant

You just have to cut off the buds that look outward. Otherwise, the cuttings grow towards the rod. This is bad for the plants, because they get little light and develop much worse.

Take good care of the plants to make them look beautiful

Cut off all unnecessary buds

You should be aware that you do not disturb the development of the plants

Take time to transplant indoors as well as in the garden. The summer is better enjoyed when it is immersed in greenery!

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