Potted plants in the garden – garden ideas with a lot of potential

Container plants in plant containers

Creating a garden with potted plants could be an easy task. You only need the vessels, some soil, fertilizer. After all, there are some subtleties in this garden design. You should be well versed in that before you start.

Garden design with potted plants

Decorative garden plants in concrete pots

Make sure the tubs have good drainage

Drainage is often the most crucial factor in whether a plant survives well or not. Make sure your vessels have enough holes to drain the water. The plant containers offered on the market usually have a small hole. That is not enough. Zoom in or drill in more. Depending on the material, use the appropriate tool. For metal, you would need a hammer and some nails.

For ceramics this task could be a bit more complicated. There are drills specifically designed for this material. Under no circumstances should you forget the safety instructions. Above all, you should protect your eyes from dust and other dirt with goggles.

Also note the following: The more holes, the better the drainage!

Create a vertical garden

Creative terrace design with potted plants

Garden planting

Now we come to the next step of modern garden design with container plants. First you should take everything out of the small pots. Do not pull too hard, because you could destroy the plants before you have started the actual work. Of course this can be avoided well. Grab the plant close to the root. Try to press from the bottom as soon as the pot allows. Sometimes the intricate roots cause problems. In these cases, take time to retrieve them one at a time to minimize damage.

Plant plants in the garden

Lush garden plants

Use fertilizer directly in the soil

Modern garden design concepts often fail exactly at this point. We forget the fertilizers and let our plants starve to death. There are many different suitable agents in specialized shops. Some are also intended for organic and ecological gardens.


Is your plant at the right level?

The plants must just be in the plant container so that their roots and stems are free. They should by no means be covered with soil superfluously. The plant should not be too far above the surface either. In other words, the roots must not be exposed.

Easy-care plants and succulents

Lively deco ideas for indoor and outdoor use

Cactuses and succulents in flowerpot

Enough soil between the individual plants

In order for your modern garden design to stay beautiful and healthy in the long run, the plants also have to feel pretty free. This means that there should be enough soil around their roots. In some large tubs, where many plants were collected next to each other, that’s just not possible. This can cause the rapid spoilage of some plant species.

It is a good idea to water the plants directly after planting. So the earth comes in and then you see right away when you have to refill with earth.

Framing decorative wall with potted plants

Pour your plant container garden properly

Garden irrigation is more about art than science. Most plants love the damp, as the dry or the wet soil. Check for yourself how much water your plant needs. Stick your finger to the second bone in the ground. Now notice if the soil is too wet, too dry or just right.

Pour slowly and make sure the water reaches the roots. Most of the time you can tell for sure that the water starts to come out of the bucket.


Braided planters

Chic copper-colored accents

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