Potted plants that always thrive well outdoors

It is spring and everyone has a better mood. You try to stay out in the fresh air for a longer time and absorb the first rays of the sun and their warmth. Lucky mushrooms have a garden, which they now plant. Some have only a balcony or terrace and want to make this as beautiful as possible. Every outdoor area, big or small, has to be appealing. To make you feel comfortable outdoors, you decorate with matching flowers. Most of them should now be planted in the spring. Among the natural beauties there are those that decorate every front garden, balcony or terrace. For this article, we have selected three potted plants that need little care and thrive very well outdoors. These are a natural adornment for every outdoor area and will delight your eyes and soul for a long time due to their colorful flowers. Which flowers are our favorites, learn the same.

Beautiful potted plants are the big attraction in the garden

In the following, we show you only those ornamental plants that thrive well in pots and in the spring and summer outside in the garden, on the terrace or the balcony watch. These potted plants are brought only in autumn and winter to a well-protected place to overwinter. The three presented here are sensitive to frost, but there are also hardy potted plants and they can stay out all year long.

There are flowering potted plants that bear magnificent, colorful flowers, others are non-flowering green plants that make a beautiful figure in the pot. Now you are certainly curious to know which potted plants we mean and are among our favorites. Here they are presented in text and image.

You can admire the flowers of the petunias from May to October in your garden or on the balcony.

  • Popular potted plants for balcony and terrace – Petunia

Petunias are very popular throughout the country as balcony plants. In pots or boxes they tirelessly show their magnificent flowers from May to the first frost. Their typical funnel-shaped flowers are easy to recognize because they are perfect and contrast in their saturated colors with the dark green foliage. The variety of colors of the petunias is indeed impressive. They bloom in white, pink, blue, purple and red and the flowers may be spotted, starred or striped patterned. The florists divide the petunia into four main groups. These are first of all the grandilflora petunias that carry oversized flowers and the multiflora petunia, which grow compactly and have smaller flowers. Then come the stunted NanaCompacta petunias and the magnificent hanging petunias that always attract everyone’s attention.

The white flowers of these petunias contrast with the fresh lawn green and are the highlights in the garden.

Care Tips: Find a sunny and sheltered location for your petunias, because they feel good and flower strongly there. In the semi-shade they form fewer flowers, but more leaves. On hot summer days you should pour the potted plants in the morning and evening with lime-free water or rainwater. Here is caution announced! Pour the earth directly, not the flowers and leaves of the petunia! The soil must be well drained and fertilized every two weeks. The petunia must also be cleaned regularly, that is, blown away, withered and damaged areas.

These colorful summer flowers are striking with their beautifully shaped flowers.

With these bluish-purple flowers in the white pot, you can easily put an accent outside.

  • Verbenen – elegant flowers in beautiful colors

Our next favorite among the potted plants is the verbena, which also scores with magnificent flowers. It is popularly called verbena. The Verbenas are originally from South America, but nowadays their numerous species are spread all over the world, of course also here in Germany. It would also be interesting to know that this plant was still known in ancient times. At that time, healing and miraculous properties were attributed to her. The Verbena was known as the “plant of birth magic” and as a cure for injuries. Today it is valued as a beautiful ornament in the outdoor area. Depending on the species, the Verbena can grow to different heights, but their flowers are always beautiful and very elegant. They are white, pink, purple or colored in a special blue shade, but never in yellow.

Delicate Verbena flowers in violet look perfect in the pot of the same color

Care Tips: The Verbenas are easy-care potted plants that tolerate even the bright summer sun well. Their tender flower waves defy wind and rain. These elegant plants can be grown in a tub, box or pot and combined with other evergreens. So you get great floral arrangements that serve as an eye-catcher outside. The verbs are usually undemanding, but they must be watered and fertilized regularly. Also, never let the soil of these elegant potted plants dry out. Waterlogging is also harmful to this ornamental plant. However, you must remove regularly blown, damaged and withered leaves.

An eye-catcher in the pot – Buntnessel!

  • Beautifully colored leaves are also attractive – colored nettle

Last but not least, we also want to open the beauty of the colorful nettle before your eyes. This pot plant actually scores with beautifully colored and delicately patterned leaves. The colors are always intense, whether copper red, light yellow or green, they quickly catch everyone’s attention. Originally from the tropical regions of Asia and Africa, this potted plant is very popular throughout Europe today. It is extremely easy-care and fast-growing. The stinging nettles like sunny places, but can not thrive in bright summer sun. They hang limp in the sun and can even go down. For these potted plants, it is best to choose a partially shaded spot in your garden, where the stinging nettles will definitely develop well.

The beautifully shaped leaves of the stems light up in dark red and light green.

Care Tips: Like the first two potted plants presented here, the stinging nettle is also easy to care for. Even beginners in the nursery or people who do not have a green thumb, they can easily maintain. Keep the potting soil fresh and loose, water abundantly in the summer and fertilize once a week. The stinging nettles are really undemanding, but they are a nice addition to any outdoor area.

These flowers can only be admired wordlessly

Combine different potted plants and create beautiful floral arrangements

This natural beauty pleases eyes and soul.

Need a green accent outside?

These delicate verbenas decorate the garden area

Without a doubt, nature is the greatest artist!

Everyone can convince themselves!

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