Privacy fence – protection and style surround the house

Privacy fence designs that impress you

The original function of the fence was, logically, to protect the yard and the house itself from unwanted guests. A privacy fence should guard the apartment from the prying eyes of the passerby, it also reduces the level of noise reasonably.

Today, however, it looks a bit different with the house fence. How far he can protect the house is a controversial question. But the fence has an additional function – aesthetic.

Elegant privacy fence design that appears as a stylish continuation of the garden

The first impression of the house starts at the fence. The protective fence can be a strange frame of the house and its courtyard, which marks the boundaries of the apartment, but today much more is put on the aesthetic role of this element than at that time. If you want to make an excellent first impression, then take note! The wealth of flowers and plants is a nice idea as you make the fence fresher. Of the Fencing will then get a natural look, and that will give the yard a certain cosiness. In this way, the fence will turn into a beautiful continuation of the garden.

Fence of stones – beautiful design, what do you mean?

Traditional fence with beautiful flowers in front of it

Protect the recreation area from strange curiosity

In case you want to achieve a more elegant look of the house, opt for a simpler fence design. Sometimes beauty is in the simplicity, right?

Stylish design in gray protects the house facade

The beautiful garden design is well protected, yes?

One has opted for a small garden behind the protective fence. How do you find that?

White garden fence

A stylish fence surrounds the stylish house architecture

Nice design of the garden fence, do not you think? And these stairs are fine!

This fence is perhaps the most appropriate for this facade

Gray fence and very light house facade

Spice up the garden fence with greenery

Elegant wooden fence

Combine white and gray

Beautiful light brown fence

The fence has been covered with plants

Match the entrance door and the fence well

Very compact look

Gradually you can design the design really great

Do you like this fence?

Inspiring design

Stylish white protective fence

Simple but elegant design

Wooden design

This fence looks good, right?

High fence made of wood

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