Robust indoor plants – popular, easy-care potted plants

Beautiful, popular potted plants that are easy to care for

If you choose indoor plants, be honest with yourself and count on easy-care plant species if you have no intention of raising them diligently. Look best for sturdy and drought-tolerant potted plants.

Robust houseplants

to water

Drought-tolerant plants do not require regular watering. Succulents and cacti are typical examples. Most plants die from over-watering as their roots rot. Use potting soil and put boulders in the pot.

In a concrete flowerpot


Robust plants are also tolerant of low light. Perfect for rooms like cellars or houses whose windows are darkened by treetops. Choose plants that do not need much sunlight and place them in the brightest room at home.

Shiny ground pots


Fertilizing helps to grow, especially in flowering plants, but this can be done every six months. Every time you remember, re-fertilize all potted plants.

Simple and rustic arranged


Note the temperature when you grow indoor plants. Most robust plants thrive best in the room at the average temperature. When you live in extreme conditions, both hot and cold, you choose plants that can survive both.

Cute purple flowers need fertilizer

Decorative plants on display


Garden flowers exhibited in a vase

Bright, fleshy leaves

Decorated with soil and pebbles

Beautiful nature patterns

Lighter and darker shades of green

Typical houseplant

In a wooden plate – succulent exhibition

Only for decorative purpose

Hanging plant container

Lush and lively – palm trees

Cute red flowers

Matching bedroom plants

Variety – fleshy foliage

Rural deco and sturdy plants in clay pots

Boulders and pebbles

Exceptional flower pot

Potted plants for the workplace

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