Roof terrace design ideas, examples and important aspects

Ideas for roof terrace design – Create a small nature oasis in the town center

Do you have a loft, then you most likely have a roof terrace. Being small or tall is not that important, because apart from its size, you could make it comfortable and purposeful.

In the big city, it’s a real luck to have a rooftop terrace that you should treasure.

If this is your case, we’ll look at how you could design it. The following examples of Roof terrace design will show you the guiding points.

Plant the terrace and turn it into a green relaxation area

In the big cities and metropolitan areas people appreciate nature more and more. That is why it has created a hot trend – the green roof terrace design. Take the chance and plant your roof terrace. A green fresh and natural atmosphere will positively affect your everyday life. Convince yourself of it and plan one terrace design with lots of plants, flowers, evergreen trees, possibly turf and / or tropical plants or succulents. This approach is much like a garden design. In this case, it does not matter if you have one front yard or one Framing the roof terrace ,

1. Plant the roof terrace – green and lively roof terrace design

Of course, you must take into account the location and size of your terrace. It depends on which plant species are suitable and whether they will last long on your roof terrace.

Tropical plants will thrive on a sunny, south-facing terrace

This small roof terrace is stylishly furnished and laid with a lawn carpet

The roof terrace can be your garden project

2. Terrace flooring – wooden floorboards or concrete slabs or a mixture of them? Choose the flooring and the style of your roof terrace

Roof terraces with a relatively large area are well suited for being transformed into a cozy open-air living area. As you can see in the picture below, an outdoor kitchen can also find space on your patio. There are also two areas designed for this purpose – a living room and a dining area for four people. The outdoor kitchen is visually separated by the type of flooring. The trees serve as a partition. Is not this a vibrant and environmentally friendly architecture?

Outdoor living area

3. Terrace furniture – design a summer house on the roof terrace, Visibility and sun protection from plants

Fantastically on the house roof – bubble bath and sunbathe

Build a wooden pergola on the roof terrace – Enjoy the city view from your new living room!

Wooden pergola with canopy

Wind- and sun protection in use

Need one garden pergola if you do not have a garden?

Simple roof terrace design, but with great effect

Romantic dinner under the stars

Live in a metropolis, design your own little oasis of nature

Professional roof terrace design in New York

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