Rose arch with climbing roses: a treat for the eyes and the soul!

The roses have a safe place in every garden. However, there is a special way we want to pay attention to today. It’s about the climbing roses.

The many advantages of the climbing roses

The climbing roses are very suitable for the creation of rose bows. Their hybrid character also has a number of other advantages. These are the following:

– They are cold resistant;

– They bloom for many months;

– They are easy to clean.

Enjoy the beauty of climbing roses in a “curved way”

Climbing roses and rowan berries

An interesting fact that many people are unaware of is that the climbing roses are related to the rowan berries. Accordingly, they require similar care. Climbing roses love the sun and the soil with the right drainage properties.

In the shade, they are quickly attacked by a variety of pests.

Also, they will hardly bloom.

The wind and the rose arch

All the listed features must be taken into account when choosing the right place for a rose arch. In addition, you should know that you need a place where it draws fresh air, but not too strong wind.

Treatment of roses with preparations

The rose arcades must be processed with ammonium nitrate in spring. Once buds form, they should be treated with combined mineral. In August, you should prepare the plants for the winter already. This means that you have to fertilize with phosphorus and potassium.

This must be done every two weeks, strictly following the instructions on the packaging.

The right care should be provided

to water

If you want beautiful rose arcades, then you should water them abundantly. This has to happen in the roots, which by the way reach a significant depth. They should be abundant and rarely watered. That’s better than less and often.

The constructions

The climbing structures from which one could make the rose arches are very varied. Special wire constructions would be necessary. You could also make many great models of rose bows out of ropes.

The rich flowering needs the right cut

Pruning the roses

The last special feature that we would like to mention here regarding the care of the rosebows is their pruning. In this type of roses, the main bars should not be reduced. One would have to remove much more the lateral branches. So the roses can also grow elongated. Only in this way can beautiful arches and walls form.

It is important to cut off the buds under the root vines of the okulation. This also helps the plant to develop significantly.

Various climbing rose varieties

Finally, we would like to point out once again that the modern hybrid varieties are always the most appropriate. They successfully survive the cold and feel good even in a colder climate. Special protection is needed only for the younger plants – those that are 1 to 2 years old.

The choice of variety is over you

Let yourself be greeted by the scent of roses

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Pick beautiful climbing roses for your magical rose arch

Enrich the garden with exuberant colors and magical fragrance

Maintain the climbing rose well so that it gives rich flowers

Immerse yourself in the magic of climbing roses

A rose bow made of wood

Design the garden entrance in an admirable way

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