Screen garden – creating innovative and creative garden design

Screen garden and similar ideas

Screen is neither a new idea in the garden nor in interior design. It is even something that has been adopted almost one to one from earlier epochs.

But we observe, what the screen in the garden, another tendency. The innovative ergonomic and creative designs of the outdoor furniture make these elements practically superfluous from a functional point of view.

Let’s not fool ourselves. For functional reasons, it is so limited that it makes virtually no sense as a permanent solution.

At the same time, however, his charming aesthetic appearance seems to be something that one misses. That’s why you can see a lot of ideas, which at least include Garten Paravent or assume its concept. It was developed into a garden.

Below you will find a small exhibition on the garden screen!

As from the far east …

This garden screen definitely has an aesthetic function. It is reminiscent of the traditional Far East interior design. However, such a thing would not necessarily register in every garden. In the context of a western courtyard, you can see this ornately carved garden screen as an attempt to make the natural element even more present.

Separate the porch

Here you combine functionality and aesthetics. However, one deviates from the traditional understanding of the garden screen by hanging the screens instead of placing them on the ground, as it would be usual.

Fence that looks like a garden screen

In outdoor design, one uses more and more hybrid methods for space division and the protection of the private sector. These are, for example, fences made of several panels, which in their design strongly relate to ornate garden screens.

The different patterns

The graphic patterns are those that cause the garden designers and artists to draw inspiration from the traditional garden screens again and again. The structure of these has always been delicate. On the picture here you can see some great modern renderings of this art.

The most modern interpretations

This wall, which also reminiscent of the pattern of the old garden screens in its execution, can be regarded as a super modern illustration of the above.

Simple ideas for garden screen

We exclude a DIY idea that gobbles up a simple wall by making it look like a garden screen.

Design the garden in a creative and interesting way

Create an attraction in your garden

The garden paravent can also serve as a privacy screen

Some great parevent ideas that you can use in your garden

Are you looking for fresh and colorful colors?

Screens made of bamboo for the garden

Introduce your personality into your garden too

How do you like this garden idea?

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