Select hedge plants and make a beautiful hedge

Refresh the exterior with the right hedge plants

Each garden is fenced. Some homeowners prefer a wooden garden fence, others opt for more elegant solutions such as walls. A hedge of green plants can also be used to separate your own garden. It is inexpensive and offers just as great privacy.

Which shrubs and trees are best for your garden hedge? We’ll give you some ideas on which plants you could use in your garden.

Create a beautiful exterior through green hedge

Why should one prefer a hedge in front of the wooden fence or the garden wall? For three reasons. First, you do not spend so much money. Moreover, these are a long lasting solution for your garden. And third, but not last, hedges are a nice decorative addition to the entire garden look. They represent a unique transition from home to exterior.

Combine hedge plants with trees

Combine hedge plants with wooden fence

Of course, this variant for privacy has its disadvantages. You should look after the hedge at least once a year to make it look good enough. In addition, you should settle for a while, until the green plants grow tall enough and ensure complete privacy. It is also important the season in which you plant the hoe. If you do that in the fall, they will grow faster.

A hedge peps up the outdoor area

Maintain the hedge regularly …

That’s how she always looks

How should you choose the right hedge plants for your garden? The advantage of evergreen hedge plants is that they provide a visual screen throughout the year unlike deciduous plants. If you want to make your garden look fresh all year round, then put on a hedge of evergreen plants such as ivy, cherry laurel, boxwood, Aukube and holly. Hedges of deciduous plants, on the other hand, are a little nicer because their flowers give the exterior an extra charm.

Hedge with flowers gives the exterior a charming look

Hedge from Aukube

Cherry laurel hedge

And what do you say about a bamboo hedge? It is considered an attractive garden element because it looks a bit different than the ordinary garden hedges. Modern gardens thus benefit particularly from such a hedge.

Fascinating hedge that makes the garden more interesting

Conifers are a good choice for the garden if you want to give it a nice look. The pruning is especially important for this, so that the plant develops well, and accordingly, the hedge looks good. A hedge of conifers gives the outdoor area a fresh look all year round.

With a hedge, the outdoor area is great

Take care of the good look of the hedge

The combination with pebble makes the outdoor area appear more natural

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