Select water hose for the garden correctly

According to which criteria should one choose only a water hose?

Anyone who has looked after a larger garden knows exactly what an important role the water hose plays. Because one thing is clear to everyone: how effectively you water your garden surface depends on the final result.

The wide choice in the market offers us many quality differences in this regard. They have different properties and also materials. This is very helpful because they are suitable for a wide variety of needs. At the same time, however, such a large selection could also lead to some confusion for some people.

Effective date

Even a garden hose has a validity date. For some, we have one year to count according to this criterion and 10 years for others. This is also strongly related to the material from which the garden hose has been made. If you want a longer period of use, you prefer PVC instead of rubber. The material should not be too soft either.

Thus, you have purchased a garden hose that will not deform at high temperatures. He does not soften and does not lose his qualities.

Many different types of watering

Any seasoned gardener knows that there are many different methods by which the garden can be poured. The garden hose has to fit exactly which method you have chosen. These are more and more on the market and serve the different peculiarities.

Save water!

A good reason why you should opt for a high quality garden hose would be that you can use it to save water. The irrigation systems that you can build in your garden can be much more modern, avoiding the loss of this vital liquid for our lives.

This process can also be automated with it. In many cases, pouring could occasionally happen with rainwater and still be controlled. We dedicate ourselves to this topic in another article. Promised!

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