Solitaire plants – plants are not only attributed decorative functions, but also practical

When designing a garden, you pay attention to a few components: furniture, plants, irrigation and, of course, lighting. If you skilfully reconcile these, a garden with a beautiful look is created. In terms of garden plants, there are a number of details that must be considered, because plants are the first in the eye-catcher of a visitor. Especially when it comes to solitary plants … Trees, bushes and flowers form a beautiful whole, to represent a pleasure for the eyes and soul. Depending on the garden style, you can also choose the right garden plants. But when and why do you use solitary plants?

Give the garden an exotic flair

Solitary plants ?! What’s this?

The specimen plants are plants that stand out because of their size. These one sets rather alone in scene. You have the freedom to decide whether the solitary plants as bedding or potted plants in the garden presence. The interesting growth habit and the unusual leaves, flowers and colors are characteristic for the solitary plants.

Various shrubs, perennials or even trees appear as solitary plants. Evergreen box trees, cypresses, junipers, yews, angel trumpets, oleander, olive trees: always plants that bring a fresh touch in the garden.

The olive trees accentuated by other shrubs and flowers

It is important to note that the solitary plants need enough space to thrive properly. This should be considered in advance, especially when planting solitary plants in garden beds. In the middle or in the background, these are then best shown, because only then do they correspond correctly with the rest of the garden plants in the plant bed.

Cypress is a nice decoration for the front door

Many solitary plants thrive in pots. With these you can decorate the entrance or spice up the resort. They provide a fresh mood and an unusual garden look. Some can be left outside in winter, but others can not hibernate outdoors and have to be brought indoors.

Put on symmetry in the garden

Rhododendron refreshes the garden with its colorful flowers

Typically, solitary plants outshine the other garden plants. To make a real sensation, but they should appear alone. If you want to make the solitary plants the centerpiece in your garden, then take care of a nice cut of the plants. From some plants you can even create very original sculptures.

Pay attention to the size of the plants and ensure a harmonious overall appearance in the outdoor area. Do you always have it in mind: too large specimen plants do not look good in small gardens.

Fancy garden view with yews

Plants are the best decoration for indoor and outdoor use

Decorative garden elements with additional features

Plants are not only beautiful visual highlights, but in many cases also find a functional application in the outdoor area. Some garden beauties, for example, have the great feature of eliminating annoying flies and mosquitoes. But even as a screen, a large part of the plants can appear and thus also occur as a real eye-catcher in the outdoor area. Larger plants in flowerpots are also great for an attractive visual protection function.

The juniper looks great in a plant container

Plants separate areas

Regardless of whether you choose fruit trees or other crops, you can still put a practical function on them when they appear as potted plants: arrange them in the right way to separate individual outdoor areas from each other. If you have larger surface, then you can optically make this better.

The oleander and its beautiful flowers

Plants make the garden and solitary plants make a spectacular outdoor area. Benefit from the numerous possibilities to enhance your outdoor area!

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