Spring flowers in the garden are a pleasure for the eye and the senses

The beauty of spring flowers

The colorful spring flowers are a pleasure for the eye. They show us that the cold winter days are over soon. So they are unmistakable ” Frühlingsboten “. With the spring flowers Let’s celebrate the coming spring and spend more and more time outdoors. The warm rays of the sun and the temperature rise encourage us to go into the garden to check out the bulbs, enriching the garden with beautiful colors and scents.

Nature awakens to new life and the birdsong sound more and more often and happier.

When the garden awakens to new life

Everyone should be at the beginning of each season spring flowers be planted. And when they bloom, they offer a variety of colors and flavors. Each garden, which until recently was almost frozen, wakes up anew and gets a more beautiful and colorful look. There is no better and more pleasant fragrance than that of flowering lilac, e.g. This is one of the most preferred garden plants in spring. We all love its styles, colors and sizes.

The messengers of spring

The snow and lily of the valley, the tulips, the daisies, the cornflowers, the blossoming dog-rose and the dahlias, all suggest that spring is already here. They are all coveted guests in every house and garden.

The crocuses announce the end of winter with their beautiful colors in pink, purple, yellow or white. They like the sunny spots and the well-watered soil. The hyacinths develop their flowers in spring. They like sunny, but partly shady areas and a well-drained soil.

The beauty of spring flowers

The purple iris delights the eye with its pastel colors. Grows wonderfully in sunny places and in well-moistened soil. The hellebore is a delicate flower that has an amazing endurance. She can even stand light frost, which makes her one of the best spring flowers.

Plant garden with pansies

The colorful pansies usually like a cooler weather. They are among the most popular flowers that one plants in the spring. With their colorful wealth they make for a great atmosphere in the garden. Pansies like partially shady places in combination with well-drained soil. The pink azaleas remind us of the transition between spring and summer. At the spring end, they will definitely distract your attention as you walk through the garden path.

No matter which spring flowers you will plant in your garden, they will bring you, your family and friends with a happy mood.

But before the spring is here, we would like to improve your mood with some beautiful flower pictures. Enjoy their gorgeous colors and try to feel their aromas!

The delicate flowers of the azalea

The crocuses announce the end of winter

Admire the dahlias

Look forward to your colorful spring garden!

Everything blooms in the spring

The Krokrusse like sunny places and well-moistened soil

The warm sunshine and the increase in temperature encourage us to go more often in the garden

The lilac and its charming scent

You can not go past without taking a look at this beauty

Everyone is looking forward to spring

The iris delights the eye with its delicate pastel colors

The snowdrops are the first spring messengers

An appealing image and magical aroma

Enjoy nature in spring

A delicate “garden carpet” of daisies

The cornflower and its distinctive color

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