Spring flowers in the house or garden bring more zest for life

How to grow the spring flowers faster

Do you have flower bulbs of different spring flowers like bluebells, daffodils and tulips, which have no pimples and flowers this year? The reason for this may be that you left them in the cold in winter time.

If you are frozen through, then there is no hope for them anymore. You should save time and throw it out.

But if you took good care of them in the meantime, here are some ideas that you could use for replanting.

What should the healthy bulbs of spring flowers look like?

But how do you find out if the spring flower bulbs are in good condition or not? You should learn to watch them. The flower bulbs and these of the different vegetables look very similar. If you were to leave each one in a glass of water, they would each start to develop roots and leaves.

How to make the bulbs of spring flowers develop in water containers

Vases, cups, glasses and other transparent vessels can serve wonderfully. But do not forget that the water should not cover all the flower bulbs. On the upper side they have to stay dry.

Above all, the roots should be in the water and only a very small part of the onion head.

Let the roots develop

This method brings the onions to plants very quickly. But she also has the night part, that this could wither too fast. To avoid this, you could buy decorative stones from the florist. Then put the flower bulbs on it. If you do that, then roots will develop, but not flowers.

After a few weeks you will notice how the roots make their way between the stones.

Plant several species of flowers in larger containers

Would you like to plant several plants together in one place? If so, then you should choose wider and higher vessels. The flowers will not disturb each other when growing. Their bars will not bend either.

Even with this kind of plants of spring flowers, it can help much further if the vessel is transparent. You will thus be able to observe the water level.

Or maybe plant in a basket together

Do you want to create a great decoration with spring flowers? If so, use a basket instead of a transparent container. The rules with the water also apply in this case: It may not cover the onions over half, overwater does not work. You should only properly re-pour, even if the bottom stones dry up.

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