Sunflowers and their decorative value

The decorative splendor of sunflowers

Sunflowers are not particularly demanding, but they look beautiful at the same time. For this reason, they are increasingly being maintained for decorative purposes. The sight of the sunflowers is beautiful, warming, bright. Furthermore, it awakens great associations: one connects these flowers with sun, summer, wide fields in the countryside.

Sunflowers – a delight for the (slightly) lazy gardener

You want to maintain a beautiful garden, but have little time. The sunflowers develop well without much effort. Gardeners have little work to do with their care. A little effort is enough to make your garden filled with magnificent flowers and look like a piece of paradise.

Sunflowers as potted plants

Sunflowers are also effective as potted plants. There are some special species that are particularly suitable. Place the flower containers in the sun. To spread you need seeds. Put these in the ground in spring at a depth of 3cm. The distance between two different shrubs should be about 30 cm. Decorative sunflower blooming between July and September.

Different varieties of sunflowers in the container

The different varieties of container sunflowers differ in shape and size. They can reach a height between 40 cm and 5 meters. Container sunflowers therefore have a wide choice in terms of the effect in the room and garden. All varieties of sunflowers have complex root system. So that they feel good, the earth should always be moist. The water should reach to every single part of the root.

bridal bouquet

The small varieties of decorative sunflowers are an excellent choice for a brewing treat. What do you think of this idea? Did you know that there are weddings where sunflowers are the main theme of the decoration?

You need a bit of creativity to decorate your party with sunflowers. Sunflowers look good on invitation cards too. They go well with the napkins in the restaurant. As gifts decorative bags can be distributed, which contain among other things also sunflower seeds.

The exuberant beauty of nature

Decorate the garden with the easy-care sunflowers

With these flowers you will succeed every decoration well

No matter what color the sunflower is always magical

The sunflower bouquet always ensures a happy mood

Use the sunflowers planted in the pot as a table decoration

Experiment with the flower combination

With a sunflower as a potted plant you always have a nice decoration ready

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