Ten practical tips for the perfect garden wedding

Have you decided on a garden wedding? A fabulous idea! However not as easy to implement as it looks at first glance. Follow our 10 practical tips to maximize your chances of getting your garden wedding to perfection. However, before you read our list of advices, you should first define for yourself what your dream wedding will look like. Because whether indoors or outdoors, this should be unique and unique. The tips will then only help you to optimize the course and, if necessary, adapt it to the external conditions.

The decoration of a garden wedding can be very simple

The guest comfort and the garden wedding

In which month are you planning your wedding? What will the weather be like at this time? Is there a high probability that it will be particularly warm? Sit up a matching dress code and think of enough ways to cool down. Is there a chance that it will be particularly cool in the evening?

You also have to be prepared for that!

The contrast between white and green brings a lot of solemnity!

Do you have a back-up plan?

A garden wedding is very romantic. However, there is always the risk of rain. This should not ruin the wedding under any circumstances. In restaurants or other event locations, it’s best to have an alternative that could be used in case of bad weather. Another fitting solution would be the ceremony in the garden area and to perform the celebration itself somewhere inside.

The trees are a natural wind and sunscreen

Are you prepared for strong winds?

Not only the rain, but the strong wind can be a problem for the normal garden wedding. Your beautiful hairstyle must be styled so that it always keeps well in wind and rain. Men and women must use the appropriate styling products. Remind yourself of this special feature of the outdoor wedding!

For the garden wedding fits the simple and elegant table design

Can everyone hear you well?

When you celebrate outdoors, you do not have the same acoustics as in a closed room. You do not want to miss anything from the exciting ceremony. You would like to discuss this question in a special way with the specialist who takes care of the music and the equipment.

The theme “Garden Wedding” can also be present inside

Matching decoration for the garden wedding

One of the big advantages of the garden wedding is the beautiful surroundings. Nevertheless, you still have something to do. So completely without decoration in the open air and enough light is not. But under these circumstances, it is difficult to prepare the jewelry a few days before. That should make some friends in the morning just before the wedding. Also in this case you should think of different alternatives, so that your decoration is not lost in rain or wind.

The garden wedding in the countryside is combined with romantic scenes

Suitable menu for the garden wedding

Outside, the food is cold much faster. So you have to come up with a menu that tastes good even under these circumstances. Alternatively, you would need to prepare the service so that you can indeed offer hot meals to all guests. After all, it depends very much on this fact, whether you leave the wedding at the end with a good feeling or not!

So noble can the garden wedding be decoration

You need a lot of fluids

It’s hot in the summer anyway, and the alcohol also causes extra dehydration. That’s why you need a lot of mineral water and various soft drinks. More than a normal wedding. Only then can you be sure that everyone will feel good about it. That’s a tip you should never forget!

At an outdoor wedding, the decoration needs to be simple

Position the light objects correctly

Candles and other items that fly easily here and there should be positioned in places that are shielded from the wind. So they can not hurt anyone or pollute the clothes of the guests.

Look for a spectacular natural backdrop!

Find a place with a beautiful sunset!

Wedding with sunset

A garden wedding would be the most spectacular if a beautiful sunset becomes part of it. The event location should offer beautiful perspectives in this regard. In addition, you should consider this moment in the scheduling.

In the garden there are many romantic ways

Do you have all required permissions?

In every community there are different rules for noise, music and other disruptive factors. Do you have all the necessary permissions for your celebration? Are you sure that you will not have any problems with the neighbors? Think well in advance, because nothing can stand in the way of the wedding of your dreams!

The red carpet fits wonderfully with the garden wedding

The rural flair makes every wedding look romantic

The garden wedding arrangement in black and white can be so simple and beautiful!

This decoration carries the charm of the French Provence!

Few colors and accents are enough for the beautiful atmosphere outdoors!

A noble backyard is always a good idea for the ceremony!

For such a decoration you must have good weather!

The garden wedding can be very simple, but also very upscale

With the right floral accents in the decoration, the celebration will immediately appear magnificent

Garden wedding is pure romance for many!

The combination of green forests and the sea is always the hottest!

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