Terrace design and garden ideas as inspiration for the spring

Garden and terrace design: forming different zones in the garden

Garden and terrace design can be very successful if you look at it in advance from many different points of view. We try to help you in this regard through our detailed articles, which are very often in detail.

The functions were also always a topic, but they were mentioned in other contexts. Today we want to use these as a starting point in our presentations. They are the context and many of the other major themes related to terrace and garden design will be considered within it.

Why design different zones in the garden?

It has been proven that the better and more thoughtful structuring of the garden helps to ensure the best possible dining experience at home. This is just a wonderful basis, so that you spend varied and interesting your own free time.

The different functional zones and their distribution

But which functional zones are at the terrace and Landscaping possible? What do these have a role in the overall idea. In general, the distribution of the zones represents the stage of the green equipment. Basically, the following elements are eligible: swimming pool, barbecue area, pergola, space, entertainment area with benches, umbrellas, secluded seating, shower, sports and children’s facilities, and maybe some others. In the final destination you should have a garden in which you can rest properly and enjoy nature first hand.

Create the transition between the interior and exterior

The role of the zones in garden and terrace design is, among other things, to ensure a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor. Consider your overall concept from this point of view as well. All zones that have something of a character to do with the living room should be closer to the house. The more something relates to the special occasions, then move closer to the garden. This creates a smooth transition from the house to the entertainment zone, which is typical only for the garden.

Create a protection for the summer

This type of terrace and garden design also makes sense from a different perspective. Because on many sunny days in spring, autumn and even in winter you can spend some precious hours or minutes outside. In this case, the outer zone must be very close to the house so that you can get out and get out quickly.

The green aspects

No matter which form of garden or terrace design you choose, the green plays an essential role. Because you form different areas – small gardens and a green lawn. Sometimes it is the Unterzungszszongen, sometimes they are completely separate. Anyway, these should be distributed so that the irrigation goes well. Addictions are also important. They have to be gentle, so that the water is well distributed before it runs off. At the same time, irrigation must be done effectively even in extreme rainfall.

Decorative plants

One element that should be kept in mind when designing gardens and terraces is the decorative plants. They can be equipped not only with an aesthetic but also with a structural roller. For example, they can separate the various zones or mark them by their distinctive appearance.

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