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Terrace design with plants – beautiful examples and advice for you


Terrace design with plants

Do you fancy winter gardening? Even if you live on a small area without a yard, you should not miss the opportunity! Actually, you can find some of the best examples of small gardens on the small areas.


Because every inch counts on the balcony and therefore only very well thought out concepts are successful here.

For many people, the small terrace is their favorite “room”. They manage to create something special from each room. Ask all people, including those who have large apartments, what they think about their area. Everyone will say the following: they want more space.

Would you like a little more help? Let yourself be inspired by the rooms below.

Examples of compact curtains on the balcony

Just look at what these people made out of their little terrace.

They even have vegetables and orange flowers at the same time

They have successfully applied many different strategies with a single goal: achieving a very green and natural-looking space. [according to Priscilla Torres]

Do not be afraid to use colors … or before showing some dramatic scenes! Is not it nice how the figure emerges from the ivy below?

Not to mention that the bistro seats represent the perfect complement to the collection of red and purple colors

You can achieve a wild look by juxtaposing many different colors

This works by planting them in the same pot. [according to Lonny]

Do you like this wonderful collection of plants displayed on the seebyzoe blog?

Outdoor installation makes it much easier for the plants to reach the direct sun [according to the Potted Plant Society]

Here we see another shot of the same terrace

It is a beautiful outdoor area. The result: a lush green garden that will give the various elements a nice weathered look. In urgent moments, you can use it to fill your own garden. That’s a pretty “English Garden”, I think!

What about black and white stripes on your patio? There’s just something special about the zebra look! He is so chic and imperishable!

The sunroof below makes the most of the cozy character of the terrace [according to Lonny]

Make sure you fully enjoy the garden by inserting seats there.

It is best to have more than one, so you can enjoy this ambience with your friends

However, if you really only have space for two people, you can make something special out of it!

For example, below we see how to make room for the feet and a table for the drink

Do you have enthusiasm for even more improvements? Put a table and eat deliciously between the tomatoes.

What is left to enjoy the overgrown look of this terrace

Spacious terraces

Now there will be talk of terraces that offer a bit more space. Do you have room for a bench for the flower pots or a small table? Then many elements can be mounted in a vertical line.

Actually, the wood planks on the patio help bring in more character in this plant-filled space. Pay particular attention to the large selection of pots that are available here!

In addition, there is green at all altitudes [according to Pambaboma]

The Hoboken Terrace was subordinated to the Bali theme. Here you can see hanging lamps, plants and metal planters.

All these together make for a more interesting appearance of your space [according to Little Miracle Designs]

We see similar plants on the same line. These are complimented by lush greenery.

The result is a unified and very comfortable space [according to MyLandscapes]

Planting the rails is a wonderful option. This is especially easy if you have flower beds next to these railings.

It ensures more life and a private mood on the terrace

Grass and plants can be seen along the railings in the picture below

They are the perfect equivalent of the green fields on which the terrace looks. [according to Savio & Rupa]

Today we have already looked at several looks. Some were wild, some overgrown, and many – carefully planned. Now we come to a highly modern example: the slender planters with prickly leaves.

Together with comfortable seats with clean lines, you have a contemporary look that is worthy of any noble feast [according to Lonny]

Do you have room for a dining area on the terrace? Wow! That’s what I call a lucky child! Because you can also organize parties out there.

Give the room a garden-like look with a touch of green

Include a few plants that lead upwards. Surround the guests with green, which is as captivating as the food itself. [according to Sage Ecological Landscapes]

Plants, trees, benches. Green, purple, white. So many things that mix with each other.

This is design in its perfect form The Artist Garden ]

The next garden shows a real central arrangement

Pots are in the axes of the railings and flank the corners. Great that there is also a table and seats from which to enjoy this lush greenery. [according to Port + Quarter]

Rain can not bother. Are not the pebbles there just fabulous?

Here we are dealing with a real work of art

This applies to all details, such as metal detection and upscale planters with modern vessels. [according to Breaux Design]

Now we end with a shot from inside to outside! Because that’s how the whole thing will look like from your home. If you still have a nice view, the enjoyment will be double. [according to Martin Kobus Home]

Have you ever thought about your balcony style? Hopefully, the idea of ​​this has now crystallized and you make even more improvements, which make the enjoyment of this property even greater.

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