The hanging geraniums ensure an exuberant beauty in the garden

Hanging geraniums – easy-care beauty for your garden

The hanging geraniums find a very wide application in landscape design. They show beautiful flowers and their varied variations can adapt well in the most diverse context.

Today we write a little bit more about the possibilities that hanging geraniums have to offer.

Fragrance and form, which can not be confused with any other

The colored flowers grow short and in large bundles. In addition there are the very beautiful and specifically shaped leaves, which have a gorgeous ornamental character.

The hanging geraniums thus make a wonderful adornment for pergola and other canopies in the garden. They are also a great choice for people who like strong and beautiful scents in the garden. The flowers of the hanging geraniums spread such and thus enrich the outdoor environment in a great way.

The right climate

Another advantage associated with the hanging geraniums is that these garden flowers will grow well even in a warm climate. They unfold their beautiful flowers in spring and summer.

How to care for the hanging geraniums

As a rule, the hanging geraniums develop very well under the direct sun. Nevertheless, you should take care in particularly warm regions, that they are in the shade in the afternoon at the latest. Otherwise, they will suffer a lot in the heat.

A great idea would be to look after them in beautiful hanging baskets in different places in the garden. You can easily put them in different places.

Here, the light substrates and the organic basis for the good development of the hanger geranium are very suitable.

Water your hanging geraniums regularly!

Hanging geraniums are of the plants, which must be really regularly poured. Check regularly if the floor is dry and if that is the case, pour immediately.

The hanging geraniums do not need to be cut. However, it is important that you remove the rotten flowers. Thus, you make it much easier for the growth of the new.

The plant is perennial. However, it is recommended to replace the old ones with new hanging geraniums. After a few years, the hanging geraniums lose their good properties.

Propagation of geraniums

The hanging geraniums are not only easy to clean. They also have a slight multiplication. All they need is some new cuttings. Break a 10 cm long cuttings and bring them into the ground. This should be done close to the surface, to about 2 cm depth.

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