The Hydrangea: interesting facts and fabulous garden design examples

The hydrangea has its own charm, which is very traditional in part. It was even considered quite old-fashioned for a while. But in recent seasons, the gardeners seem to have longing for their romantic charisma again. That is why these beautiful garden flowers are gaining popularity again. They continue to fit beautifully with the nostalgic midsummer and early autumn mood.

We love hydrangeas and would like to encourage you to plant them in your garden. The following exciting facts will help.

The variety of colors can be achieved only through the hydrangeas in the garden

Behind the name “Hydrangea” is a great variety

There are between 70 and 75 different types of hydrangeas. That gives you a lot of possibilities within the framework of modern garden design. You can introduce a monochrome color palette through the hydrangeas. Alternatively, you can set great accents with these plants and emphasize certain areas.

The blue hydrangea is especially modern and attractive. So you can put great modern accents in the garden. Attractive varieties like the blue hydrangea contribute to this flower regaining popularity.

Hydrangeas enrich your garden with soft colors and texture

General tips for hydrangea care

Hydrangea is one of the most adaptable plants. It is growing everywhere: in Asia, Europe and America. This means that it can handle well different climatic conditions. The hydrangeas are therefore a beautiful and easy to care for choice.

Relatively easy to care for, however, the hydrangeas have their peculiarities. They have to be poured abundantly, so that they develop well. The hydrangeas are very practical, because they bloom from early summer until very late in the fall. The blooms of hydrangeas in your garden grow bigger and bigger with every season. The new flowers form from the shoot tips of the old ones.

Learn some simple tips on hydrangea care here ,

Green hydrangeas as table decoration

The hydrangeas serve as inspiration for artists

Many artists were inspired by the hydrangeas. For example, Lana the Ley dedicated to these garden flowers her song “Old Money”. In some Asian countries, the pink hydrangeas have a special meaning. If you get them, it’s like a declaration of love. The actress Blake Lively has made her bouquet for the wedding from pink hydrangeas. They are also a wonderful choice for wedding decoration and dresses.

Historical and scientific facts about the hydrangea

Although the hydrangeas are now spread all over the world and can tolerate different climatic conditions wonderful, but they have a home. Originally, these flowers come from Japan. Science has an explanation for the beauty of hydrangea flowers. They are associated with aluminum ions that are in the earth.

A flower with character

This flower has its own beauty and special character. That’s why she gets very contradictory responses. For example, they say that Madonna does not like these flowers at all. And how is it with you? Do you like these flowers? Would you put them prominently in the scene or use them for the festive autumn decoration at home?

The blue hydrangea is one of the most popular varieties for modern garden design

Attention: hydrangeas are toxic!

Careful with children and pets! You should think twice about whether and where to use these plants if they have them at home. The hydrangeas are poisonous. Read this article for more information “Poisonous plants in the garden” ,

Take a look at the following hydrangeas and garden design ideas with these, which we present in the following examples! Hopefully you will find there inspiration for your own garden.

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