The innovative IKEA garden system for indoor use

Discover the new indoor IKEA garden

You want to bring the beauty of summer home? You want to blur the boundaries between inside and outside through a wonderful garden pot, but do not have a green thumb? Nevertheless, go self-confidently to your goal: Ikea now has a great facility for your pot garden. Do you want to know more about it? It could be that the pot garden is the solution to your problems.

Freshly picked from the own IKEA garden

The small garden box makes your kitchen more attractive and invigorating

The Ikea burr system is designed for possible lighting conditions

They create a small plant world on your windowsill

In which environment the garden thrives, you decide

New accessories for the pot garden at home

Agricultural scientists have designed a line of new equipment and facilities that support indoor plant care. This is the innovative Ikea garden system called KRYDDA / VÄXER.

Fresh and juicy salad leaves

This line can ensure successful plant care even in the smallest apartment. This works very well for beginners as well. It is based on the scientific method of hydroponics. In this, the plants grow in water instead of being planted in soil.

Plants fascinate with their perfection

You can easily prepare the seeds at home

The practice

They buy prefabricated plant beds with seeds of lettuce and herbs. The plant pots are similar to small buckets. The seeds are first in a water-absorbing vessel. Once grown, they are placed in pots of broken pumice. This is a kind of material that is able to absorb a lot of water.

Thanks to the simple shape, you can string the small gardens together

A great joy for the children

Does it sound to you as if the plant was drowning? No, it is not! The facilities come with an integrated water sensor. He ensures the control of the hydrogenation.

You will never doubt the freshness of your vegetables

Even over the light you do not worry with this device. The light is also no problem with KRYDDA / VÄXER! You can sit the plants on a sunny window or use the specially designed solar light.

Cleverly save the sunlight

The innovative series for your wonderful home pot garden can be found in many Ikea stores worldwide this month!

The Ikea garden system is available in various sizes and variations

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